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The busiest week of the year

The past week has been crazy, period. Like crazy crazy. In a nutshell I was a student assistant, an in-charge and also a participant in an academic conference. My first ever academic conference and also the first time I did a paper presentation in front of a sizable group of professors/graduate students etc. It was kinda a free and easy conference where there are quite a number of paper presentations going around at the same time and I was surprised that around 20 + (I think?) came for mine. hehe secretly happy when they all thought that I was some phD student presenting on her phD thesis HAHAHA. Got to know a Korean professor teaching in Korea and I think that was my biggest takeaway from the conference lol. Got quite a number of questions / comments in the Q&A time and it made me think of several aspects of my research that I have never considered and got me thinking of how to refine it in future research (hahaha what future research….). Had people asking for my paper and slides, quite surprised that people will actually be interested. 😀

There are more things that I want to write, but I’ll keep it to myself… 😀

A favorite activity for the past few days is to take photos of the blisters on my foot and chart their growth (wtf) over the few days. Yeah I’m weird like this……

I won’t be blogging much for the rest of the month, but I promise some potentially interesting news / posts in July or maybe later. 😀

We’ll see.


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    15 June, 2013 at 11:42 AM

    Waiting for your “come back”! haha 😀

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