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The biggest bottleneck

Ironically, I find that the biggest bottleneck or slump actually occurs when you are in the “advanced” stage, or rather the post level 6 stage. 

Especially when you are reliant on textbooks to learn, the lack of books after completing level 6 stuff can be quite disconcerting. You know there are loads more to learn, but you don’t quite know where to start. 

I know that there are many native materials out there but somehow studying doesn’t feel like studying. Learning becomes less structured, unlike the times when you just have to finish a chapter and goes on to the next. There aren’t much things to make notes about and it’s mainly learning vocabulary and building productive capability. 

I find myself questioning what I can do to improve my writing (besides write blindly) and how I can improve that damned pronunciation. As far as I hate to admit, I do notice that my intonation is probably shittier than it was 2 years ago and I feel less at ease with speaking. 

It’s inevitable, give that I don’t speak Korean regularly, if at all. But somehow I hate that excuse. 

Yeah so I’ve been in a slump on and off. 

On a happier note, I have completed 2 big Eng-Chi translation projects 😀 I’m really happy to be given the opportunity to work for my fav people and on a subject I love! It’s probably the most 보람 있는 일 I’ve done in awhile. More on that next time! 

Happy CNY to those who celebrate it! ^_^ 

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