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Where the sushi goes round and round

One of my favorite things in the world is conveyer belt sushi – I just love to watch plates and plates of sushi go by and choosing my favorite plates. Best if I don’t have to care about the cost and avoid all the expensive color-coded plates.

hehe so I was totally happy being in a conveyer belt sushi restaurant in Osaka. What’s even more awesome – all plates are priced at 130 yen!!!!

The shop was really small and kinda cramped, but it’s awesome. The counter stools are placed near to each other, so you end up sitting close to a stranger but somehow that doesn’t feel uncomfortable. There are chefs in the inside of the belt making sushi and there’s a kitchen in the interior too. Lucky for you if you are at the beginning of the conveyer belt – the nicer sushi gets snapped up pretty fast.

The quality is soooo good. If 130 yen sushi tastes that good, I wonder how a meal at an expensive sushi restaurant will be like. Probably heavenly.

I ate this!


No one has been able to tell me what it was. I just know it tastes nice lolol.

One interesting thing is that they do not have plates for the soy sauce dip, so people just pour the sauce onto the sushi itself. I just pop the sushi straight into my mouth. HAHA I suddenly have an image of pouring the soy sauce in my mouth lolol.


THIS IS SUPERMARKET SUSHI. Seriously. Like restaurant quality in Singapore. 598 yen only!

I’m making myself hungry.

Since I’m at it.. what’s one more right?


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    24 October, 2013 at 6:38 AM

    if you really want to know try asking on chiebukuro.

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