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[Studying tool] Japanese Drama Notes ドラマノート

Confession: I haven’t watched a Korean drama since Rooftop Prince.

I have been addicted to Japanese dramas and I’ve been watching パパドル, 新参者 etc. And recently, I started watching リッチマン, プアウーマン !!!

For those who are not watching it, please go watch it. This is how much I love the drama.

Was searching for materials and found this site!!


My Japanese is still not that awesome that I can navigate the site completely, but it looks like it provides some kind of detailed drama notes. So now I’m actually reading リッチマン, プアウーマン #1. Rich man poor woman script!! It’s not an exact script but it’s sooo awesome. It tells you what happens in the episode, complete with important dialogue. Such an awesome studying tool!

I haven’t check out the rest of the drama notes. Maybe you will find something you like there! ^^

And it’s kinda amazing. I actually can understand it and read it. ._____.

Half a year ago, all these will be like gibberish to me.. and now I can read it. Of course there are a lot of new vocabulary for me, but I still can understand what is going on.

It’s amazing how I’ve been progressing without really realizing it.

And sometimes, I feel like I’m progressing faster with Japanese in some way. Maybe because I’m getting better at learning languages? I don’t know.

I’m also listening to Japanese podcasts as I’m typing this and also as I’m studying with the drama note. And I can understand a bit. O.o

I’ll share with you guys the Japanese podcasts next time. One at a time! ^^


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    26 August, 2012 at 9:09 PM

    The Japanese subs are on faddists

    If you search around maybe it has subs for eps after 7 as well

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    26 August, 2012 at 9:50 PM

    This is really a very good way of learning languages! Is there sites for korean as well that you know of Shanna??

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      26 August, 2012 at 10:20 PM

      I dun know specific sites for it but I know there are tons of scripts on naver cafes. But they are a pain to get to. U must be a member blah blah. Dramabeans.com has scripts for old dramas. Best source I can think of now!

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    27 August, 2012 at 1:39 AM

    here are some links for subs for japaens stuff

    Reply #3 – August 24, 8:59 pm
    From: USA
    Registered: 2008-02-09
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    recent anime:

    japanese drama japanese subs (not timed??):
    and thre’s more in this thread and other threads on this forum

    and for korean

    subtitle site : http://20woo.com/
    1) Go to the homepage of http://www.20woo.com
    2) Choose the link 영화대본 at the top left
    3) When the new page comes up, scroll down to the Zeroboard search box near the bottom, (but NOT the Google search box at the very bottom)
    4) Into that box type (or paste) 미남이시네요 and click “Find it”
    5) In the results screen, find the line [re] 미남이시네요 대본 구합니다. and click on it.
    6) The download link you want is in the heading of the article that now comes up, labelled File #1 and named 미남이시네요.zip

    When you’ve downloaded the zip, don’t try to unzip it using either Winzip or the built-in Widows zip file opener. Unless you are running Korean Windows, either of those will tell you the file is corrupt. It isn’t. It was just created by someone who doesn’t realize there is a world outside Korea where people use different languages. So you need to use 7-zip (WinRar won’t handle it either) to unzip the contents, since it has a way of handling garbage fileneames. The scripts will unpack to your filesystem with nonsense characters in the titles, but you will see the episode numbers plainly enough (the one without a number is the final episode, originally labelled 최종회).

    Then (but this will be no surprise to longstanding lurkers here) you’ll discover all the files are *hwp format, so everything said elsewhere on this page about that format applies.

    drama beans scripts: http://www.dramabeans.com/about/kdrama-scripts/comment-page-6

    the stuff in the comments are helpful too.
    movie scripts: http://www.cineast.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=psd_caption

    also you can find it possibly by seraching in google the name of the drama + hpw + 대본
    which means daihon in korean smile

    lots of .hpw files here!
    click on the right links and you can just direct download
    if you click on this other link for download it tells you to login into naver… which i don’t have an account for lol.

    movie scripts

    drama scripts


    Has scripts for 성균관스캔들(1-8) + 대본_거침없이 하이킥(1-10) . the second one I really like cause it’s a good famiyl comedy big_smile
    moreunstoppable high kick on this blgo

    from here

    also you can just google title of the show + 대본 or show + hpw and you might find it.

    i hate the login crap too. it’s so bitching. one time I did join the site and then it took me forever to join the community to download the script. but nonetheless i got my subs. it was for that korean drama flower band shut up (I forgot the exact title)

    anyways happy learning!!!

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      27 August, 2012 at 9:49 AM

      WOW thanks for all those detailed links!! I’m sure many will appreciate it!!!

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        20 February, 2013 at 10:59 AM

        Greetings from a fellow Singaporean! 🙂

        I recently found out that for newer korean dramas by SBS (e.g. 2010 and newer dramas), they provide actual (i.e. word to word) drama transcripts too on their official website
        http://vod.sbs.co.kr/tv/tv_index.jsp > Select Drama > On the right of the video : click “자막보기”

        Hope I’m not sharing a link that you already know! 🙂

        As for hwp files, my only complain is the software i use to open the files does not have the /cut and paste function (disabled) so i am unable to work on the files.

        Maybe someone here can share on how we can overcome this issue. hahaha

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    18 November, 2012 at 12:35 PM

    Thanks for recommending Dramanote!!!
    At first I was put off because I definitely cannot navigate it with my (still) poor reading skills in Japanese. But I can always google translate/google search things to survive and found my way on the only Jdrama I learned to love!
    Still struggling with my Kana skills (more so on my Kanji!) so for now I’m using a software to convert Kanji to Hiragana, then convert them to Romaji for now (and until I can master my Kana, hopefully in less than a week) so that I can follow the dialogues – and practice my Hiragana reading too.

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      18 November, 2012 at 4:16 PM

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋ try to read more examples in Kana! It will stick after a while 😀

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