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I’ve talked about Korean webtoons before and since then I’ve been trying to find something similar in Japanese. So I’m damn happy to find out that Naver actually has a Japanese webtoon app, in addition to their regular Korean webtoon app! 😀

Personally, I’m more partial to Japanese-style of drawing manga/webtoons, so I love this app a lot more!! It’s updated daily and features around 60 series so far (i think).


The entire app is in Japanese (I think. Can’t tell because my phone is in Japanese too..) but it’s easy to navigate.


I’m starting on the 知らないのはアナタだけ (the only one who doesn’t know is you) and I LOVE IT. hehe it’s a collection of stories of what women hide in relationships 😛


Have been wanting to find something short to read and this is perfect!


Tap on the screen to go to full-screen mode. I love how the drawing is so damn nice and it’s a good way to learn some conversational Japanese. I’m always more of the academically-inclined type of person, and it shows a lot in my language learning style. I used to find variety shows harder and I was more comfortable watching … medical documentaries 0.o hahaha so I’m trying to make a switch in Japanese – I’ll study more from variety shows, manga, casual writing etc


I’ve been reading this on the phone and then using the computer to search for new vocabulary and then taking down notes! hehe 😀 I’m like so obsessed with learning Japanese.

hehe for those who are learning Japanese, hope you will find this app useful too!

Download it: Google Play  | iTunes (search ‘webtoons’)

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    26 March, 2013 at 7:00 AM

    Thank you for the suggestion. I am always looking for something to improve my reading skills on the go. I am not at the level of reading complete works so this will do for now.

    Personally, I am far from being academic when learning a language. I prefer short explantion with lots of situation of usage or learning in contexte.

    By the way, I confirm the app is in Japanese (can’t get my phone in Japanese 🙁 )

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    26 March, 2013 at 2:31 PM

    Umm, upon seeing this, I’d like to point out that SOME if not all of the webtoons are actually just translations of the Korean webtoons.
    In fact, the one you showed interest in is also originally a Korean webtoon : http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=459545&weekday=wed
    I can’t verify all of them, but yeah.

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