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From sounds to meaning

hello! It’s Saturday morning and I’m strangely motivated today. ^^

Recently I’ve been spending most of my free time on Japanese (heh!). Funny though, wouldn’t have imagined myself doing that just 2 years ago. But I’m beginning to appreciate the Japanese language and all things Japanese.

And I realized I’ve been blogging more Japanese-related posts. Someone joked that I should just turn this site into nihondorama or something. hahahaha.

Getting more comfortable with (reading and listening to) Japanese and it’s just amazing to see how something that used to be indecipherable symbols and sounds turn into meaning <3

I think I’m going to go unsubbed soon. I’m always rather slow when it comes to letting go – I have the need of understanding 100% lol.

But the last time I watched some unsubbed stuff on Satou Takeru (hehe) I understood quite a lot! 😀 😀

I’m halfway into Infection Game (the newest Japanese novel I’m reading) and I’m definitely highlighting less and less every page.

Although I say that I’m aiming to take N2 next year, it’s not like a compulsory goal for me.

To be honest, I’m not so much a goal-oriented person.

In that, I mean that I don’t fixate myself on the goal. I hate the idea of my effort being just to feed into the goal and whatever I do becomes having a ‘purpose’ of achieving the said goal. Takes out the pleasure and fun of doing it.

and it sucks to think that I’m reading Japanese novels to improve my vocabulary for N2, listening more so that I can do well for N2 and working on N2 sample questions to prepare for the exam.

not my style.

I prefer to just work (reasonably) hard all the time and make sure that I’m just going forward.

Sometimes by doing that, you end up moving even faster to your ‘target/goals’ and maybe beyond it.

This is why self-study works for me so well.

Having classes (and hence targets/goals) make me too focused on whatever is happening in the classes that in the end, I’m actually restricted by the syllabus. Without those goals, I actually go beyond them lol.

What is your learning style? ^^ Are you goal-oriented? 

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    27 December, 2013 at 7:31 AM

    I think that if you want to move on to unsubbed Japanese material, just re-watch something that you have already seen subbed. That way you won’t miss anything! 🙂
    Like, I’m nowhere near watching unsubbed Korean dramas, but having seen You’re Beautiful a couple of times subbed I can understand a lot of it already (and the language is relatively easy in this drama). And if I don’t, it’s not a big deal because I already know what’s happening.

    Regarding my learning style, I’m not so goal-oriented in Korean because I don’t aim for TOPIK. At the moment there is no use taking the exam for me (and it’s costly, too). Additionally, my country doesn’t even have a Korean embassy, let alone the opportunity to take the test! So I’m pretty relaxed with learning the language. I just like the process. I guess my mini-goals are to watch unsubbed dramas and to be able to converse more or less freely.

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