So I didn’t go for JLPT exam

6 December, 2015

After looking forward to taking JLPT N2 for the entire year and signing up for it even, I ended up not going for the exam today.

The disappointment.


The reason?

I was discharged from the hospital not too long ago and simply didn’t feel like I’m in any condition to travel for an hour and take a 3 hour examination and then coming back home.

This is truly not my year. I dun ever recall being in poorer health -.- The most recent episode had me hospitalised and I really dreaded all the drips, blood tests and injections >< I have very low tolerance for needles and my blood vessels are pretty small (and contract even more when I’m nervous). I don’t even want to get into the details. D:

If I didn’t know better, I would say I’m cursed this year. -.- Once an illness pass, another comes. Like seriously. It’s taking such a toil on me – I’m very sick of having set alarms at different times of the day to remind myself to take different medication. I’m supposed to stop the medication next week so hopefully I don’t have to swallow any more pills or suffer anymore needles.

I truly learnt the lesson that health is the most important. Nothing else really matters.

I’m also very grateful to my girls who have been such a great help and source of strength during this period. (:

Okay I don’t usually blog about personal stuff over here, so back to JLPT…

I’m still bummed that I didn’t take the exam.

Maybe I should just take N1 next year?

I’m probably kidding.

Looking forward to TOPIK result release next week.

Urgh. SKIS’s email said that it will be released 11 Dec, but TOPIK website says 30 Dec.

If it’s 30 Dec, I’m now even more bummed.

I hate waiting…

and… because I’m pretty much out of Hallyu and into the C-wave (lolol is there such a thing), I signed up for Weibo. HAHAHA follow me?

    1. Hey,dont worry about it! I also didnt make it to the exam and I was seriously studying for N1 for past six months. sigh, I guess July it is!
      The good thing is that I have now more time to revise grammar which is kind of my biggest weakness….
      Btw love your blog, have been following it for couple of years, never commented, so now it is my chance to say it 🙂

      1. Grammar is my biggest weakness too. I find that there are too many similar ones >< Thanks for commenting!

    1. Sorry to hear this year has been so tough on you. I hope you recover soon and don’t have to take so many meds. I hate having to take so many things and then still feel like crap from them. It’s ridiculous.

      There’s always next time for tje JLPT. I meant to take N3 years ago, but never did. I’m slacking way too much especially now that I’m working. But hey, where there’s a will, there’s a way and I’ll get energized and motivated again.

      1. I hope everything gets better soon! >< Feeling so tired every single day.

    1. Exams are useless anyway 😉 Your blog is super inspiring, so please keep posting about your Japanese journey! Take good care of yourself ^^

      1. haha that’s true but I just wished I could have sat for it. Thanks for liking the blog 😀

    1. Hi! C-wave 的节奏!I tried to sign up for a baidu tieba account but FAILED.
      Do you watch mainland variety shows etc as well? I’m currently waiting for some 大神 to upload 爱奇艺尖叫之夜 to youtube or something. The iqiyi website unfortunately for 海外圈太不给力了。

      1. hahaha yeah I hate how you have to sign in to see all the replies in that D: D: Downloaded the app and gave up trying to sign up too hahahaha.
        Nope I’m not so much of a variety show person. Cos most of the time I don’t want to know the artiste’s ‘real image’ and just wanna remember how he/she was like in a show HAHAHA. I have moved from 古言novels to 现代ones though heh!

    1. Hi, Shanna. I’m so sorry that you aren’t feeling well. I know the feeling of hospitals, tests, and IV’s. The part about taking a bunch of meds every single day, too. 🙁 But keep it up and your blog is inspiring, even when you write posts about how you are down. It makes it even more inspiring and human. Reading this blog also helps me trudge along. 加油!

      1. Thanks Moriah! Yeah it sucks and I’m pretty much devoid of energy everyday. Thanks for reading!! ^^ I hope to get back to my usual self soon!

    1. So sorry you’ve been dealing with so many health issues this year, Shanna. 🙁 Don’t be afraid to take a step back and take care of yourself! If you don’t take care of your body and mind, it’s impossible to do anything – even the things you love. Take care. *hugs*

    1. Hi Shanna,
      I didn’t go for JLPT exam (N4) too. I had a surgery right before JLPT test day. I hope you get better soon and I wish you good health! どうぞお大事になさってください。

    1. omg i just read this.. hope u’re feeling better too! i was also in hospital for a minor surgery this yr, and that was just the beginning of my bad luck 🙁 i was even wondering if it’s 아홉수 lol. gahhh hope 2016 will be kinder for both of us!

      1. A bit better already, thanks!! haha yeahh damn sian. Hope 2016 would be awesome!! 😀 😀

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