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Snippets of my OL life

LOL what a title.

Return of the #notsoserious posts.

Friends who have met me recently commented that I’ve turned into a total OL (Office Lady) and I can’t deny that I’ve been dressing and (pretending to?) acting like one. But come weekends and you will see me in t-shirt, shorts and my favourite sneakers and backpack. And uncombed hair.

1, Gmarketing for my OL life

So, to prepare myself to be a 稱職的 OL (woohoo I love codeswitching), I went to Gmarket the other day (yet again) to make full use of the 5,000won shipping deal (for selected countries) this month!


When I decided to get a neck strap card holder (whatever you call that), I was like OMG I’M REALLY TURNING INTO AN ADULT.


Okay, in any case, I decided that I really needed some place to keep my access card / name cards and woohoo found something even better than a card holder — a mini wallet with neck strap! 😀


They can keep quite a number of cards, together with cash and then there’s a zipped up portion for coins! (:


Buy it on Gmarket HERE.

Buying stuff online is always such a hit or miss. I’ve had my fair share of disappointments, so just wanna share a good quality product! (:

2. Time with friends are the best

I usually follow a very loserish daily routine where I would end work, zoom home after a quick dinner alone, and sleep by 1030pm. The only time I break that routine is probably on Friday nights and selected Saturdays. Sundays are definitely stay-home days, so if you manage to drag me out, you know you are pretty special HAHA.

I know I’ve been talking about wanting to be more productive and study languages / do something with my life, but errrr fatigue.

So I’m sorry that this blog is turning more lifestyle and personal (who wants to read my lack of lifestyle anyway -.-)….

Meet Diana, with the “I just lost $50” face.



I guess food makes everyone happier?


Diana is a pretty new friend but it’s kinda cool that I’ve known her via this blog online for quite a while! Finally met her early this year (:

Finally had a chance to bring my camera out again, although we were not doing much that evening.


That’s Diana’s Lime Sochu Highball and my…

apple juice.


Who goes into a bar and order apple juice. Me.

But if I never said anything, you wouldn’t have guessed right?!

Diana doesn’t think much of highball.

I miss my all-time favourite Yuzu Highball in Japan.


I love how learning Korean has brought so many new people into my lives (:

It’s always fun to swap stories and experiences and I usually just feel an instant bond with people who really love the language 😀

Or actually just serious language learners in general!

So Diana turned into my model for the day hahahahaha.


Ending the day with truffle fries and some more cider for Diana.


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    21 May, 2016 at 10:08 PM

    Old Lady ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    23 May, 2016 at 10:45 AM

    Here’s a funny snl clip . I’m sure you know all the words in the clip. I had to look up a few though they aren’t too hard to inference since most of them are kango


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