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Sights in Seoul

yay! Finished my final exam this morning and I’M FREE!!! 3 weeks left in Seoul and I’m beginning to miss it already.

Life here has been great, more than what I could possibly ask for. I genuinely felt happy and at ease here, with great people around me and there’s more motivation and hope in my life here.

The weather is getting really cold here but I’m still out and walking at -8 deg celsius in the morning. LOL.

There’s so much to see around me. But I’m happy being at home too xD

This post will have slightly more photos than normal, but most photos will still go to the Facebook page. I’m using up quite a bit of the free upload space and I have no money for a paid upgrade. (any sponsors? ^^)

I always think that there’s more to see in Seoul compared to Singapore and I’m wondering if that’s because of my innate bias towards Korea, or that Singapore is just too familiar to me or that I didn’t bother to really see when I’m back home. Will try to take more photographs back in Singapore too and probably upload them on my naver blog.. I don’t really think you guys want me to write about Singapore right? ^^;;

I like the reflection of the building! ^^ And beautiful, clear skies.

Taken from the Namsan Park ^^

Lunch at 김밥천국 (kimbab heaven). 김밥천국 is a chain store that is perpetually EVERYWHERE in Korea. They sell both 분식 (snacks like 떡볶기) as well as simple Korean meals for around 3000-5000won. Very affordable. My 순두부찌개 costs 4500won. The best part about these stores is that it is perfectly normal to eat alone. Unlike most Korean restaurants.

One of those permanent roadside stalls in myeongdong. I am so tempted to get a wig….


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