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Should stop scoffing

Gah. I love an epic love story. 

And there are a number of gems penned by 桐華 (Tong Hua), a Chinese writer who mainly writes epic period love stories. 

I’m sure she’s not an unfamiliar name to those C-period drama lovers since her most famous novel-to-drama adaptation is 步步驚心  (Bu Bu Jing Xin). Perhaps even k-drama fans would know given that it’s in talks for a K remake. 

I admit that I was totally uninterested when that drama (and the subsequent craze) came out and I totally scoffed at the complicated love web with all the princes or what not. I refused to watch the drama (at that point in time I only watch k dramas). 

My interest was piqued when I saw Koalasplayground writing about 大漠謠 (Da Mo Yao) and I was curious what was so amazing about it that she would gush over it. Borrowed the books from the library last year and I was totally hooked!!! 

It has since remained a personal favourite ^^ I love an epic love story. Don’t be too quick to write it off as a “trashy novel”, the writing is beautiful too. 

Went on to read 雲中歌 (Yun Zhong Ge), which is kinda linked to da mo Yao as it’s the story of the female lead’s daughter. Can be enjoyed on its own but would be more awesome if you knew what happened in the parents’ generation. Yun Zhong Ge cemented my love Tong Hua’s writing and I cried sooo much ><;;; 

I love a good book which makes me cry. The plus one is probably rolling her eyes if she is reading this hahaha. 

Actually I knew of the drama remake for da mo Yao when I read the books last year but I refused to watch it as I was super afraid it will be a shadow of its epicness. 

Finally watched BBJX recently and I’m definitely a fan now!!!! (: hahahaha I love all the pairings, especially 4th and 14th princes. Lolol. That show totally started my craze for C period dramas so I went on to watch Sound of the Desert (basically is da mo Yao) and fell in love with the cinematography. The show’s soooo beautifully shot >< 

Renewed my love for Hu Ge. Hahaha. I love the show so much I actually bought the OST on iTunes. Realised that Ding dang sang a number of songs for period dramas and I love her voice <3 and Hu Ge sings so well ❤️❤️❤️

Yes I cannot stop fangirling. 

I haven’t like an OST so much since the k drama My Girl. 

Hehe watching Hu Ge act reminds me of how I loved 天外飛仙 (tian Wai Fei Xian) and 仙劍奇俠轉 (Chinese paladin). TWFX was my favourite c period drama! 

Please recommend me more period dramas!!! (: 

I told my friends that I’m interested in dramas with the romance aspect played up. Not interested in court disputes or angst lol. I used to love Huan Zhu Ge Ge but in retrospect, that was too much angst with the empress and what not lol. 

If you know of any writers similar to Tong Hua, please recommend too!!! (: 

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    18 July, 2015 at 6:16 AM

    When it comes to historical dramas, I like when they are focused on court intrigues and then there is romance in the background, so my preferences are the opposite of yours xD Btw, even though I’ve never watched a C-period drama, I read positive comments about “The virtuous queen of Han”, but I don’t know if it’s focused more on romance or political intrigues :/

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      21 July, 2015 at 10:08 AM

      hehe I cannot take angst ><;; oooh I haven't seen that yet! Would go check it out!

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