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31 May, 2011

When I first started this blog, there weren’t many active bloggers writing about Korean / learning Korean. 3.5 years later, I’m glad to discovered many other bloggers with similar interests and it has been a pleasure reading their blogs. I like to think that we belong to same blogging family / community and I’ve also got close to some of the other bloggers. It’s really nice to see the family growing, pointing to the increase popularity of Korean and that more people have come to appreciate the beauty of the language (:

I’ve learnt alot from their writing too. All of us are unique individuals with very different language learning experiences. It’s interesting to read about their experiences and it helps me in my own learning too. There’s alot of sharing and through that, I’ve gained different perspectives on many issues.

This is quite a random post, but I was scrolling through my blog list and realised that it is getting longer 😀

I’m very grateful to those who have emailed me, with questions, comments, words of encouragement etc. ^^ 3 years into blogging, I’m still very very excited and happy whenever I receive comments and emails xD

    1. and it’s been almost 3 years that i’ve been following you around! At first there were just you, me, creativityjapanese and sarah(My Linguistics) here on WP now it’s growing! Thank you for sharing your learning journey and please don’t stop learning~

    1. I’m so grateful to you and Jeannie for inspiring me to share my own language learning experiences. I love you guys!^^

    1. I’ve come across your blog several times since I’m learning Korean. Since your level is far more advanced than mine, I didn’t continue to read it. But last week I finally decided that it’s actually still worth adding it to my feed reader. Thank you for sharing with us your journey!

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