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Seoul | Incheon 2016

As I’m typing this, I’m lying on a 뜨근뜨근 electric heating pad which is like a blessing from heaven (or from Becca in my case!!) in winter. Life feels good at the moment 😀

/sings the 환상의 커플 song

Now I know how 나상실 felt HAHA

And yes! I’m back in my Best Place. ❤️ Feeling incredibly happy to be back here again and this trip is also rather different from the previous ones in many ways. I’ve always been a lone traveller in Seoul and this time, even though I came alone, I am staying at my friends’ places! A very first for me too!!

I’m staying in Becca’s place for the time I’m in Incheon and those who are in the Kakao group chat would be familiar with her. I got to know her via the chat last Dec and met her for the very first time this trip! Hahaha isn’t that so amazing :’) To meet someone online and then actually travelling to another country and staying at her place!!She is sooo incredibly sweet and nice! Another friend to add to that long list of amazing people I met via learning Korean!!

I’m not a very expressive person but I’m feeling really really appreciative :’D

I must learn to be a better friend to people around me too ^^.

(Jeremy and I – I’m definitely the more enthusiastic one in the photo)

This trip has absolutely no agenda and schedule, so I’m happy just rolling around (yes that is also very fulfilling in itself) and meeting old and new friends.

Really really hope that this trip can bring me loads of positive energy and I’ll share that with you guys (:

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    13 February, 2016 at 2:04 AM

    Fantastic Shanna! Have a fun and reflective visit!

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