Seoul In Sing’ – a successful 1st meetup!

6 February, 2011

It’s 1am now and I’m really really tired after a long day! But it was a wonderful and awesome day as we had our 1st official session for our korean-english language exchange meetup 😀
I’m glad to finally meet creativityjapanese and starxblinded who I’ve been corresponding with online. (: It was a great get-together and all of us had loads of fun.

Lunch at crystal jade was good and the Koreans got to experience our way of celebrating Chinese New Year/설날, which includes yusheng and other chinese dishes. We bonded even more during coffee session afterwards (: Some of us stayed on and went to MBS to walk around and had dinner in marina square!

We learnt alot about each other’s cultures and it was a good time to clear queries / things that we have been curious about etc. ^^

p.s. I’m the photographer so I’m not in the pic! ^^

For more pics, please visit our facebook page! We’ll be planning a second meetup very soon 😀 Details will be posted on this blog and the fb page once it’s out!

p.p.s i’m really uninspired to blog so forgive the bad writing!

    1. Hi Shanna! Thank you SO much for organizing the meetup! I’m actually really glad to have finally met you. Though we didn’t talk so much during this meetup but I learned a great deal from your small gestures!

      Take good care! And I’m going to study Korean harder so that I can understand more of it! ^^

      1. I’m glad to meet u too!! Hope to talk to you more during our next meetup~! 어제 정신이 없었어요! learned a great deal? 😛 ohno is that good or bad hahaha. >,<

        i shall try to brush up my japanese so that i can try to talk a few sentences to u!

        1. Yep, indeed~ Or maybe I’m just being “Japanese” or “Korean” about the small gestures. LOL~ Anyway, you are so modest, yet so ever hardworking in your pursuit in improving your Korean that I have to say that it has a positive spillover effect on me! I’m going to work hard for my Japanese! And yes~ also Korean, so that I can talk to you in Korean. ^^

    1. I’m soooo envious of you guys! You finally met each other ㅠㅠ I’ll go to Singapore if I have time.

      So glad that the meet-up was a huge success^^ And wow the people who there were a lot huh? I wanna be a part of it huhu.

      1. yes come! or i’ll join you over there next time! ^^ there were 13 people in total (: i’m really glad they bonded very well with one another over that few hours!

    1. helloo! thanks for organising the meetup! i’m surprised i actually managed to get someone to understand my korean! hahaha =p looking forward to the next meetup~! ^^

      1. wordpress is weird. they wrongly classified the comments as spam :/ i dint really get to talk much with you yesterday! ): cya next meetup!!

    1. Haha, I don’t think jealousy even begins to describe what I feel about not being able to go. I’m glad your first meet-up was a success, though. ^^

        1. Unfortunately, I’m not in Singapore. I’m about 9,559 miles away. ㅠ_ㅠ

    1. whoa!! i saw someone i knew in the photo ㅋㅋ
      못가서 넘 아쉽다~ ㅠㅠ 두번째모임도 못가는거같아요ㅜㅜ 다른 약속이 있어서요

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