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[Review] A Brief History of Korea

One thing I love about language learning is that it leads me to find out more about the world. It’s impossible to learn languages (as a communicative tool) on their own, and during the journey, we come to learn about a place’s culture, history, and its people. I was never quite a “history lover” in the past, and I avoided taking history when we were able to choose our subject combinations in school. But after I started learning languages, I become deeply interested in a place’s history and in the subject in general.

I’ve been reading up on bits and pieces of Korea’s history, but sometimes when the resources are detailed and focused on certain events/aspects, I found it hard to get an overview / introduction of Korean history. So I was very happy to read Michael J. Seth’s A Brief History of Korea. It’s a very smooth and interesting read, and I am able to read for chapters on end at one go.

While it’s not possible to be comprehensive when limited by the page numbers, I feel that this book offer quite a good overview of Korea’s history and I would recommend it as an introductory read.

I actually read this last year and shared it on Instagram, didn’t realise I have not blogged about it!

I want to re-read this again, but hahaha I have too many unread books. Happy problem 🙂

Check it out if you are looking for an introductory text about Korean history in English. Thanks Tuttle for the book!

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