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[Review] 서강 한국어 5A Sogang Korean Workbook 5A

I know I sound like a total nerd, but I really like workbooks for foreign language learning. There’s this sense of accomplishment as you fill in those blanks in the exercises in a foreign language that you are actually progressing well and being able to comprehend and use the language. Although it’s hardly a good indicator of your proficiency, nevertheless, it’s nice to see some tangible progress!

A good workbook to me means the following:

  • reinforces what was taught the textbook, but not just a repetition
  • example sentences must be different, not a rehash of the context / sentences in the textbook
  • go beyond the textbook, there must be something new to learn

The Sogang workbook holds up quite well to the 3 criteria above.

While glossaries and word lists do nothing for me, I thought it was still a nice touch to start off each chapter with the glossary of the corresponding textbook chapter. Good revision tool.

The exercises themselves are varied and useful, focusing on both vocabulary and grammar.

I like how you are expected to conjugate for the vocabulary exercises, so it’s not so simple as to filling in the blanks with the words in the box. It’s a good way to practice conjugation of (simple) grammar structures too.

Grammar exercises are particularly helpful to reinforce the concept. They range from conjugation exercises to creating sentences. Answers are also given.

If there’s one minus point, it would be that the exercises seem too easy. I was wondering if it’s because I’m using it now when I’m past that level, but somehow it does feel a little too easy. I love textbooks/workbooks that are a little challenging and this one feels like it’s very much in comfort zone.

Overall thoughts

The workbook is good on its own, but of course, will be most useful if paired with the textbook. Overall, recommended!

What I like:

  • Engaging and useful exercises
  • Not simply fill in the blanks, but learners are expected to do some conjugation too
  • Reinforces what was taught in the textbook, but not just a rehash

What can be improved on:

  • Could be more challenging to stretch the learner



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