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[Restaurant] Uzbekistan Food in Korea

When I say dongdaemun, what do you think of?

Doota, Good Morning City, aPM and all the shopping malls?

Do you know that Dongdaemun also houses a number of Russian and Uzbekistan restaurants in a ‘Russian Street’?

Was on one of my favorite random walks in the area and we suddenly came across a street full of Russian (or what looked like it) signs. Even the EMS post office sign was in Russian entirely!

Was feeling adventurous and hungry, so we went in into a hole-in-the-wall kind of Uzbek restaurant, which looked authentic. The food was so great that we back again a second time on another day 😀

One on the time we sat beside this group of guys (Korean) who were speaking fluent Russian. And on our 2nd visit, they came in for lunch too!!! Must be regulars.

Time for food photos. Of course we didn’t eat all at one go. 2 visits.

This is a noodle dish and it was DAMN NICE. I’m sorry I can’t remember what they are all called right now, but the menu has photos.

Rice with lamb and carrots!!! 😀 I noticed that Uzbek food tend to have a lot of carrots and lamb. But yummmm I’m a huge fan of mutton. And for those who are turned off by the distinct smell of lamb, I think this restaurant did a pretty good job of it!

Again, some potato lamb stew. The soup tastes like the soup we had in the noodle dish above. There’s chickpeas in this too! Can be a little oily for some, but it’s yums.

This was given for free as starters or banchan. LOL I can’t figure it out whether the Uzbek has the custom to give starters or it’s a Korean thing. #likehoneywithpizza

THIS IS MAJOR YUMS! The meat was so soft and the potatoes so nice!!! I think I was looking very 행복해 when I was eating it. 😀

Tried some of their pastries too! This was decent, with a meat filling. Flaky pastry.

This was their 만두튀김 hahahaha. They have Korean on their menu too and sometimes it’s kinda amusing. I think I was a bit shocked by the size when it came. To illustrate how huge it is, I’ll share a erm rare photo of myself.

Super unglam photo. But whatever, it’s just to show you how big the dumpling is. It’s a meat filling too.

You must try the beer!!!! 😀 Russian beer is nice. They have it in different numbers, 3 ,5 7, 9 I think in increasing levels of alcohol content. We had the 7 (which was supposedly the most popular) and 9 (which I LOVE).

Want to visit the restaurant? I’m horrible at giving directions but all I can say is that it’s near exit 5 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Station. It’s one of the major stations in Seoul and there are 3 lines (line 2,4,5) on it. I believe exit 5 is nearer to line 5.

I snapped a photo of the name card. So perhaps it will give you guys a better indication of where it’s located!

Sorry guys, I have shaky hands. D:

Have you guys tried Uzbek food? 

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  • Reply
    Shin Haido
    2 September, 2012 at 11:26 AM

    wow.. they look so delicious. hhahhaha it’s morning here and i don’t have my breakfast and lunch yet.. looking at your post make me sooo huungry… gotta make me self some noodles right now.. 😆

    • Reply
      2 September, 2012 at 9:03 PM

      hehe looking at it makes me hungry too D:

  • Reply
    25 June, 2014 at 6:48 PM

    Hi, I have just read about Smarkand, I have not been inside and did not tried the food but i came to look at it last time I was in Korea, My father likes to come to that area often, because this is the place where he can feel more like at home. I just wanted to comment about the side dishes. In Uzbekistan the side dish with Carrots called “markov-cha” Carot-cha, This salad is knows by each and every person living in Uzbekistan, and it came from Korean people living in uzbekistan, like my family. I don”t know if Hangook people has similar food, well till now i haven’t met it in any of their restaurant, i think i came from old old korean people who moved to Russia in late 1890″s and this food recipes has been passed from generation to generation. You are right there is not side dishes in Uzbek food tradition in general, they usually should serve it with a “achuchuk” which is just a garden cucumber tomato salad with some fresh onions, but since korean had a great influence into Uzbek food culture over all, Uzbek Plov is always tasted better with Markov cha, even for uzbek people.
    I hope did not annoyed you with this comment, I just felt that you will be interested to know more about the uzbek food 🙂

    • Reply
      28 June, 2014 at 12:32 PM

      Hi Natalya! 😀

      wow thanks for sharing!! I was really curious about that carrot side dish!! Saw it in Smarkand too! I didn’t know anything about Uzbekistan food prior to this, it’s cool to know something about the history of the food! ^^ I miss the food in the restaurant, it was really delicious. 😀

      Thanks for reading and hope to see you around the blog again!

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