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I’ve been looking for some advanced, interesting Korean content to listen to and I thought of TED. Watched the first TED video a few years back and I was truly awed and inspired by the speakers. As usual, school work and other commitments took up my time and I gradually forgot about it. Thus I’m really glad to find TEDxSeoul.

In case you have never heard of them, TED  is a platform for sharing ideas and using their words: riveting talks by remarkable people

I’ve always been interested in such conferences and the fact that they are available online is one of the best things ever. There’s so much to learn from those talks: knowledge, new ideas, humanity, inspiration. Every time I finished watching a TED video, I wonder what I’ve been doing with my life when people out there are doing so much great things. No, I’m not aiming to be one of them, but at least I hope to live life to the fullest and reach my potential. But sadly, I get too easily caught up by alot of worries in life.

I’ve just finished watching this TED talk! It’s my first one too 😀 I understand around 90+% of it with no trouble (: It’s really inspirational, both the PD님 and the 신부님. It’s about a documentary made by Goo Soo Hwan, dedicated to trace the life and work of late Catholic Fater Lee Tae Seok. When the movie was shown in theaters, he asked people why they cried after watching it. And the most common response was ‘내 삶이 참 부끄럽다’, which roughly translates to ‘I’m so ashamed of the way I have been living my life’. Same for me.

These talks are also a great way to practice listening (: I aim to watch one or two videos every few days and hopefully by the end of summer, I’ll have finished watching most of the videos.

Another great way to use TED is to go to their official site and watch the videos subtitled in Korean. Try to ignore the speech (or mute it) and focus on reading the subtitles. And see how fast you can read them and catch what the content is about. ^^ Here’s one potentially interesting one:

패트리샤 라이언: 영어만 고집하지 마십시오!

For those who are interested, I found the original documentary film WITH english subs! ^^ Here’s the link to PART 1. You will find the rest of the parts on youtube and apparently there is a unsubbed version too.

Okay, I’ve just finished watching the documentary and I’m still crying. Possibly getting the book 친구가 되어 주실래요 written by 이태석신부님 himself. Please go watch the documentary.

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    21 May, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    I enjoy TED very much as well!

    Wow~! I never knew there is a Korean version for TED. Still, I think I won’t be able to make out the Korean version… lol….

    • Reply
      21 May, 2011 at 10:47 AM

      You will get there soon enough (: Is there a Japanese version too? TEDxSeoul is independently organised TED conferences. Not sure if Japan has a similar organisation. (:

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