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Refocus on my Korean learning journey

Yesterday I was randomly reading through some of my past entries and I realized how much I’ve changed over the years, both in terms of the writing style, the content etc. Back in 2008/9, I was writing the blog for myself and it was more of a diary than other thing else. I had no readers and I was writing just because.. I feel like it. But as the blog begins to grow a little, I feel like I’m writing more ‘how-to’ articles etc because people have been asking me about how I learn Korean and I’m writing with my readers in mind.

Not that it’s not a good thing, but I’ve been too focused on that kind of writing I sort of missed the days when I’m just plainly recording down some of my thoughts while learning Korean. So from now on, for some of the articles, I’ll be reverting back to my old writing style and maybe this will help me get back into serious Korean-studying mode. 😛

I’ll also be doing up the textbook reviews, which I’ve been procrastinating a lot.

I think one of the best part about language learning is that you will never get bored and complacent. Everytime I think that I’m getting pretty comfortable with Korean, I get hit with the realization that shit i still don’t know so much! at the next moment. OTL

hehe and I have a confession. I think I look at my blog hits / stats too often -.- hahahha. Nope, I’m not obsessed with ‘fame, hits, popularity’ or what not (haha those terms can’t even apply to a small site like mine) but more of the fact that I’m erm too curious on what people search to read my blog, what types of articles are more popular with the readers etc. And in the end, I feel like I’m writing something in a way to appeal to readers. O.o

So.. I promise myself that I’ll ignore the blog stats for a week.

And I’ll be writing whatever I feel like writing. 😛



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    8 September, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    My blog stats make me cry but I like blogging too much to care about them… I think… *sobs* Write whatever makes you happy! 🙂

    • Reply
      8 September, 2012 at 7:23 PM

      hahahhahaha!!! xD yeah the love for blogging is what keeps me going too xD

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