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Random ramblings – 29/11/2014

I’m finding it hard to write a coherent blog post in one sitting. Most of the time, I get stuck and ended up deleting the entire thing. Even though there were random thoughts about language learning / Korea etc that I wanted to share or note down.

So I guess I shall jot down a day’s though in scattered parts in this post.

I found a new favourite playlist on 8tracks. Whoever made this has almost the same music taste as me haha.

I’m trying my very best to put in more effort into Korean. I’m not satisfied with my current standard and it frustrates me that I’m not doing more about it. I cannot deny the fact that I’m very very tired after work and I barely have any time to do anything. I guess this is where sacrifices and discipline come in.

After years of 왔다 갔다 kinda thoughts about language learning, I think I still love it the best when I have control over my own learning and not attend classes. I just love the added sense of satisfaction.

I’m studying with my KBS한국어능력시험 preparatory book today. I bought a few in 2010 but the one I’m using was from a 2011 haul. I have been trying to use them for the past few years but it’s only recently that I’m getting comfortable with the standard and being able to actually do the questions (and not get everything wrong).

Tackling the 어법 section and I really enjoy it. I just got slightly confused over whether it should be 웬지 / 왠지 and 웬/왠 fml. hahaha. This book is messing with me. ><;; Luckily my basics are still there. But I just totally got thrown off by 그럼으로 and 그러므로 FML seriously hahaha.

And I’m starting to like Block B again. Zico is really good ><

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