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Just came back an hour ago from my cousin’s wedding. I had an absolutely full meal and thus trying to digest it now while blogging (does that help?)

Anw, I haven’t blog much about Korean these few entries. I wanted to share something that I read up on Korean Linguistics and now I’ve forgotten what I wanted to mention.

I’m always happy to meet people who are learning Korean too ^^ 반가워요 pineapple 씨. ^^

아.. 지금 한 시 넘어요. 근데 피곤하지 않아요. ^^ 아마 배 너무 불러요. ㅋㅋㅋ

I’ll blog more tmr.

OH. Before I forgot, I finally found Eclipse. Turns out that Kinokuniya is still the best place after all. They do have lots of stock. And it’s amazing that I could still get the books as I went there at around 4.30pm. Every turn you make in the bookstore, you are sure to bump into someone who’s getting the series too. wow.

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