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I still have yet to decide if I should go for freshmen orientation camps. My mind is split into 2.

enthu me: You should go for the camps! you wont want to be known as a slacker right. and you can make new friends! stop being so lazy. PLEASE.

reserved me: sigh most of the camps have swimming as an activity. I cant even swim, go there and sit at a corner ah? and you know you hate wet / muddy games so why go there?

But okay a camp did caught my attention. The WSC camp looks fun. okay I shall give myself till tmr to make a decision and not regret it. (: haha oh and that depends which split personality of mine is stronger tmr. haha

anw my back is going to break soon after sitting down in front of my desk for the whole afternoon. 😀 I have accomplished pretty much for the past 6 months and I resolved to work harder than ever (:

but my poor back is suffering hahaha

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