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Nothing will drop from the sky unless you make that extra effort to get it.

Foreign language learning has really taught me the importance of effort and initiative (especially when it comes to self studying). Sure, as with other things in life, luck and talent and perhaps other factors do come into play, but at the end of the day, how good you are really depends on the amount of hard work you put in. Effort is recognised.

It’s less than a month to TOPIK and also my birthday! I am working hard but I really don’t believe in mad cramming before a test, so not going to study ‘extra hard’. Cramming can get you good results in the short term but doesn’t do much for your true proficiency. What’s the point of having that certificate when you can’t even prove your skills?

Which is why even though I keep saying that I wanna pass JLPT N2 this time, even if I do badly or fail, I won’t be disappointed since my speaking abilities is not at the N2 level :/ I kinda regret focusing a lot more on comprehension skills for Japanese at the start. More on that another time!


Been very addicted to c-novels and c-dramas too!! Watched my first (I think) modern c-drama and omg I LOVE IT. hahahaha. If you are curious, I watched Boss and Me (杉杉来了). It’s adapted from a popular c-novel and I first heard about the novel while googling for c-novel recommendations. Actually, I even went to borrow it but I was rather put off by the first chapter about how the girl was suddenly called to the hospital to donate blood (she had a rare blood type) to help a lady which turned out to be the sister of her big boss. LOL. I was like …. o…k..a..y and gave up on the novel. BUT! The drama was sooooooooo awesome I cannot wait to borrow that book again to read it. My life is always like this. I have a tendency to end up liking things I used to dislike, doing things I claim I’ll never do and making decisions that I would never have thought about.

hehe didn’t realise the female lead is the same girl from Hua Qian Gu. Super love her. And… my newest bias is Zhang Han HAHHA. I saw his red carpet photos for some awards ceremony in Korea and I was like.. oh ok who is this /scrolls down. Now I’m totally searching up more of his dramas!!

Anyway, this drama is so good I don’t think I can watch any other c-dramas anymore. The bar is set too high hahaha. It’s romance centered, with a SUPER awesome OTP and I love every character! No overly bitchy characters, no draggy misunderstandings and I loved the fashion in there. Seriously, I like how the female lead keep repeating her clothes (especially in the first half), because, hey that’s believable of a regular, not particularly well-to-do employee. It might look like a typical poor girl meets rich guy story, but I feel like there’s a lot more to the narrative and the struggles of the characters feel real and believable. It’s not so much of a fairy tale but rather a story of growing up and learning how to make a relationship work. If you are looking for a good romantic drama, this is it!


In any case, I wanna share this performance of Chopin’s Piano Concerto in E minor Op. 11 by Korean pianist Seong-Jin Cho during the 17TH INTERNATIONAL FRYDERYK CHOPIN PIANO COMPETITION. (He won it!)

My knowledge of classical music is limited to Nodame Cantabile (oops) but I really loved this!! 😀 😀

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    22 October, 2015 at 10:23 AM

    Happy Birthday! And good luck on your exams! Btw what did you think of the Taiwanese drama In a Good Way (english name)? I started watching it because of your recommendation and like it until the last few episodes where I dropped it because it changed lol. Anyway, might give a c-drama a try someday and try your recommendation.

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      23 October, 2015 at 8:48 AM

      hehe thanks!! It’s still some time away though 😛

      SAME. I loved the drama until the last few eps and I dropped it too. I’ll just remember how good it used to be xD

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