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Pusan Dialect

Was randoming surfing the site when i came across this random joke.

Joke for English/Korean Bilinguals:

Preface: I heard this joke from a friend of mine. Korea has one official language (Korean), but there are various regional accents/dialects. The Pusan accent is particularly interesting.  All Koreans are familial with the Pusan dialect, but if you are not Korean (and don’t speak Korean), you’ll need to know the following lexical items:

Watdae means: “It has come.”

Muondae means: “What are you talking about?”

Beoseudae means: “It’s the bus.”

Joke: One day a Korean lady was standing next to a Foreigner at a bus stop in Pusan, Korea.  They were both waiting for the bus. Suddenly the Korean lady shouts, “Watdae!” and looks at the foreigner.  The foreigner, thinking she was speaking English to him, answers, “Monday!  “The Korean Lady hearing this, replies, “Beoseudae”  Of course the foreigner still thinks she is speaking English, so he says, “Happy Birthday!”

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    23 January, 2011 at 10:14 PM

    I can’t stop laughing! And I badly want to share it with my mom. Unfortunately she didn’t get it even after I explained it to her. :'( I guess only those with Korean language background will be able to get this joke. ^^

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