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Purikura Machines – Rule of Kawaii 45

It’s so sad that neoprint machines / purikura died down in Singapore while it’s still all the rage in Japan. WHY.

I still remember that there used to be a whole shop for neoprint machines in Cineleisure and I used to go with my friends to take neoprints on outings / special occasions! Super fun to decorate the photos, and don’t we all use to write “Best friends forever”, “cool” and draw smiley faces all over? I’m sure we all did that. lol. and add as much bling bling designs as possible.

Part of the fun was scrambling to get into new poses while trying to decipher the Japanese instructions within the time limit (:

Too bad you seldom find any machines in Singapore these days.

So when I went to Japan, the plus one and I went crazy on Purikura – we took like SIX. HAHA. It helps that it’s much cheaper in Japan, 400 yen standard.

Each machine has its unique features – but we mainly go for the ones that can make our legs DAMN LONG AND SLIM – something that we can never achieve in real life lolol

Favorite Machine!!!!

Serious – this is a MUST TRY. In fact, try it 2 times – since it offers both cute and fashion modes with different decoration designs and themes. I love how the machine take your photos and transform them into stickers which you can add on to the photos themselves. And this machine has leg-elongating effect. DAMN NICE.

Apparently the newest and popular machine then! The designs are damn cute.



Here’s how a typical Purikura ‘shop’ looks like! They are usually located in arcades and there’s a whole level dedicated to these machines lolol.

I love how some machines actually teach you how to pose (the HOW TO machine does), if not I’ll probably just have 2 poses in total (smile + v sign)


This machine apparently makes your legs damn nice hahahaha (we didn’t try) Your eyes are definitely enlarged in all the purikura machines – it’s not even a special feature anymore. The plus one has big eyes naturally, and since it’s kinda subconscious to open your eyes big big when you take photos …. with the enhancement… hehehe. 😛


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What’s more amazing is that they actually have a beauty counter (with curling tongs!!!) for you to reapply your make up and curl your hair before taking photos o.O The plus one and I thought that no one would use it, but we immediately saw this fashionable Japanese girl using the tongs and curling her (already nicely tonged) hair. HAHA I have never curled my hair before oops.


So amazing.

Here’s a list of my favorite machines:

  1.  How to 45 degree
  2. Rumor
  3. MeHer Jyoshi
  4. Cherry Cherry – you get can Anna Sui red lips lol
  5. Sweet Girl Collection

I prefer purikura machines in Japan compared to the ones in Korea (forgot what they are called). For Korea, they have free props like Mickey Mouse headbands, weird hats, wigs etc that you can borrow (just take from the shelf). The machines and the designs are less fashionable than Japan – more on the cutesy type. Just less fun.

If you are in Japan, go take purikura!!

I wish I look like my purikura self in real life.

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    17 October, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    Haha I used to LOVE taking sticker photos! My friends and I would take them whenever we had nothing better to do after school. I even make my bf take it with me 🙂 The hype has died down somewhat here in HK (or maybe I’ve just gotten older haha), but it amazes me every time I pass by one of these machines, because they are SO freakin’ PRETTY! Miss them.

  • Reply
    15 May, 2014 at 10:16 PM

    Where is this located in singapore?

    • Reply
      15 May, 2014 at 10:23 PM

      the machines? Scape (:

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