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Practicing JLPT N2 Listening

I can only hope that whatever anime I’ve watched would be helpful practice (Haikyuu!!) since today is the first time I’m doing a N2 listening mock test. ><

Watching subbed stuff is really a very different experience from a listening test. I don’t really stare at the subs all the time, but without them, I suddenly feel very naked and vulnerable hahaha. It’s like a nagging feeling that something’s missing.

My concentration level for Japanese is also not as great as that for Korean and definitely I’m using more effort just to listen. The only good thing is that Japanese is easier to speed read with the kanji!

To be honest, I don’t feel prepared and I don’t really know how to feel prepared too. Doing what I can – which basically means nothing much. I read a lot more in Japanese during the first half of the year before I got sucked into my c-novel world. Not too sure how I would handle the reading passages. 😡

It’s been 3 years since I started learning Japanese in Jan 2012. Time really flies.

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