2 In Thai Learning Journey :)

Picking up Thai again

It seems like I haven’t been doing much studying since Feb. Most of the time, it feels like there’s so much going on, and yet when you think back, nothing much has changed.

I’m not really feeling myself this weekend, so I found myself turning to what I enjoy the most — language learning. There’s just something very therapeutic about losing myself in a language for a while, and it has indeed been a long time since I last spent hours writing, reading and learning.

I also took out my camera for the first time in a long while to take some photos. Need to commemorate the occasion of having written so much!

Currently using two resources to learn Thai: EBS 초급 태국어 and タイ語の基本. The EBS series is really useful. The notes can be found on their site and the videos on YouTube. Because it’s like a radio show, it’s easy to follow the lessons and the explanations are really clear. I’m also brushing up on the basic grammar through the Japanese textbook. So what I do is that I learn the grammar points first through EBS, and then go through the relevant chapter in the textbook. So far it’s working pretty well.

hahaha omg I miss my own language notes 🙂

I tend to write a lot for Thai because that is how I remember the vocabulary — through muscle memory.

It’s also getting a lot easier to write Thai 🙂

I’m not sure if anyone is still reading the blog! Do say hi if you’re here!

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    3 July, 2023 at 6:14 AM

    I’m still reading your blog 🙂 I’ve been learning Korean for 6 years and stumbled upon your TOPIK blogs a couple years ago. I also tried learning Thai for a short time but was totally overwhelmed by the writing system and decided to just continue focusing on Korean. I’ve read close to 30 full length books yet I’m still stumped by endless new vocab, dialects, and slang.. learning at this level feels less like studying and more like daily life just set on a higher difficulty. All this to say, I’ve enjoyed following and relating to your language learning journey. It’s particularly interesting to see how your experience and relationship with each language varies and grows – thank you for sharing ^^

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      3 July, 2023 at 12:15 PM

      Thank you Shanah! wow it’s amazing that you’ve read close to 30 novels! And yes, the learning never stops 🙂 There’s always more to discover. Thank you for reading the blog!

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