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[Photolog] Piedra Negra @ Haji Lane

I love Mexican food and I was introduced to the cuisine when I was in Korea 😛

I remembered having great tacos and burritos in Hongdae and Itaewon but when I came back to SG, I didn’t know where was good.

Just the other day, Diana said she would bring me to the best Mexican restaurant in SG and I was like … really?

Well, I don’t think I have eaten enough Mexican food here to make a verdict on that, but I can say that the food at Piedra Negra is REALLY GOOD.


Located at the Haji Lane / Beach Road, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, but I’ll recommend going for the outdoor seats in the evening to soak in the vibes of the neighbourhood.


The must-order would be their Guacamole and chips, where the guacamole is made freshly in front of you with a whole avocado. We loved it so much that we ordered an additional serving of it later on!


Halfway through, we’re were trying to save the guacamole for the chips left so we were putting only very little on each chip. But after we decided to order another serving of the guacamole, we were polishing it off by the spoonful. LOL.


Diana is another friend I met through language learning and now we hang out pretty often. It’s always amazing how learning Korean has brought so many new friends to my life. (:


That’s my shrimp taco (sorry can’t remember the name). May not look like much but it’s filling. I love the shrimp’s crispy batter and the starfruit does add some crunch and zest to the dish. Tacos were warm and soft, super good (:


Diana’s fish tacos!


Looking happy (:

I’ll definitely be back again for the food.

p.s. It’s been so long since I brought my camera out and hence the lag of photologs. ><

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    3 July, 2017 at 2:30 PM

    oh i love this place! hahaha

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