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[PHOTOLOG] Bukit Pasoh Street Party

SG Heritage Fest weekend! 😀

I love going for such events but usually nobody wanna go with me and I end up … not going.

So I’m happy that G is also interested and so we had a sundate at the Bukit Pasoh Street Party where we were transported back to the 1930s Singapore for the evening.

Loved the whole idea of recreating stalls and scenes of the past but I just wished it was on a bigger scale D:

We were too early for the event so just ended up playing with our cameras!


(sorry G I know I’m supposed to put up nice photos only but.. hahahaha)


Since we were a tad too early, we decided to go for dinner at The Rooftop and I think we pretty much found a hidden gem (: (although expensive…)


It’s a burger and drinks place that spans 3 levels and a rooftop and woah every level’s deco is a stark contrast to the next one.


It kinda felt like we were in another country and it was just fun to talk to G about everything and anything. Knew G since 2009 and I’m pretty glad that we managed to become a lot closer now (right, we are right??).


Love the whole area at Duxton, all the shophouses look so pretty (:

Found a Chinese bookstore + cafe along Bukit Pasoh and I’m pretty keen to go explore again on another day. Anyone wants to go with me??

It’s such a my type of place and they seem to have quite a variety of books that I don’t see elsewhere!


Loved how they really tried to recreate the oldies vibe!


Free pineapple juice hahaha and omg the glasses and container are so old school (:


So nostalgic (:

There were some pretty cool activities going on and I think this was henna? Didn’t get a close enough look.


And look, we have a noodle seller here! hahaha he was being such a good sport (:

My mum like to tell me stories of how there used to be such noodle sellers along the street when she was young. She would get really excited to hear the “kok kok” sound made by tapping two stripes of bamboo together to indicate that they are here and selling noodles. According to her, it was the nicest noodles ever.

I wonder how they manage to fit in so many things in just two baskets though..

It would actually be REALLY COOL if they had real food 😀


HI there, did I catch someone’s attention? HAHA.


A ding-ding candy (叮叮糖)seller here hahaha. Free candies 😀 The name comes from how you have to use the two mental tools to break the candy apart and when you do that, there’s the ding ding sound.


Music performances (:


Ending with a nice photo of G!


I had loads of fun 😀

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    2 May, 2016 at 1:02 PM

    LOL you keep asking if we are closer now YES WE ARE. Please don’t doubt yourself bahahaha. I need your camera.

  • Reply
    2 May, 2016 at 1:35 PM

    Great pics!

  • Reply
    Deserae McG
    3 May, 2016 at 10:57 AM

    This was such a nice post! It was nice to see your own backyard! This post made me nostalgic for some of the festivals happening back home around this time, too. (And also the company of really good friends. I miss them so.)

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