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Passive verbs (수동태) woes

hahaha sounds like I have lots of woes these days – the way I name my blog posts (:

Self-studying Japanese now and I’m learning about the passive forms of Japanese verbs. And I’m suddenly reminded about how I got really confused with Korean passive verbs last time too. Actually I still make mistakes now

To be objective, Korean passive verbs can actually get more confusing than Japanese ones, because there is no straightforward rule on how the verbs are passivized. You just have to learn that there are a few particles used and then remember each case separately. At least there is a straightforward conjugation in Japanese.

But for group 2 verbs, it’s conjugated the same way as 可能形!!! Anyway the conjugations are all so similar O.o 미치겠다

Eeks. I shall go learn something else before coming back to it. D:

Learning Japanese kind of brings back loads of memories for my Korean journey. I kinda forgot how I had trouble with passive verbs in Korean until I see them in Japanese again. xD


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