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[Part 1] Sanghoon in Singapore! – Lau Pa Sat & Toa Payoh

SH is the only person whom I met as an online language exchange partner and has now become good friends with. It’s super amazing that we managed to meet in Seoul, Korea (he lives in Busan!) and now we met again in Singapore.

One of those times when I feel awed by how much learning Korean has brought to my life.

Really really happy that SH came! Took so many photos and went to so many places 😀

Visited Lau Pa Sat at night for dinner/supper! A visit to LPS definitely had to include satays and I would definitely recommend everyone to eat in the outdoor area instead. Ordered from the famous store 7/8 and we got a complimentary ketupat 😛 Super happy about it!! SH really liked the food ^^

Ordered a suger cane drink for him and water chestnut for myself (the darker one). I think he was kinda o.O over the dubious color hahaha.


Nothing’s ever complete without a selca haha.


Met SH another day for a full-day touring and I decided to bring him to Toa Payoh, one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Singapore. Most tourists will usually tour the city area but I don’t think a visit to Singapore (or any country in the world) is ever complete without going out of the tourist areas to a normal neighbourhood.

Started the day with Ya Kun kaya toast! hahaha I don’t think soft-boiled eggs are his cup of tea.


the coffee was



Took a walk around the neighbourhood. It was a place I frequented as a kid and I really felt nostalgic. ><


Really like the rustic feel of the place.


Brought SH to my favourite coffee shop in the area to let him try rojak and popiah!

Did I mention that it was an eat-and-eat-and-eat-non-stop kinda day? ㅋㅋ

My favorite rojak store!


haha SH was pretty game about trying new food 😀







hahaha will you guys wanna try too? 😀 I assure you it’s good!

There’s a store selling really nice fried urm stuff in the coffee shop so we bought a goreng pisang (erm fried banana) to share! That store was there since I was a KID haha. I used to buy the fried tapioca cake (not a fan of bananas) xD

Happened to see a pasar malam (street market) so we took a walk around. It’s getting rarer to see one of these around Singapore. D:



next up – SH in Orchard and Arab Street and City Hall! 😀

p.s. SH is also featured in some of my Seoul 2014 posts!

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