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Paris Baguette 파리바게뜨 love

Paris Baguette is like one of my most-frequented shops whenever I’m in Korea. I can get breakfast, lunch or dinner there and it’s my go-to choice when I am eating alone. I prefer eating in my own room and I hate doing the separation of rubbish (because I always get it wrong meh) so I rarely do takeaways.

Because of all the banchan, soup or what not, takeaway in Korea consists of soooo many things >< (which means more rubbish to separate) I'm so used to the idea of a simple takeaway packing in Singapore. Lol Ok I digressed. But I love walking into PB!! The pretty decor, the smell of fresh bread and the (usually) good service. That's why I was sooo happy that Paris Baguette opened a few outlets in SG. To be honest, the PB outlets here feel classier (also reflected in the menu and prices lol) but the feel is there. image

Totally felt like I was back in Korea (: the familiar packaging!!

The food did not disappoint. The mango pudding was soo awesome I feel that the price (4.50) was justified and the Phat Thai salad (and the sauceeeee!) was super filling and good too. At 8.50, it’s actually pretty good for value!


Yummmy (:

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    7 March, 2014 at 2:01 PM

    OMG mango pudding one of my fav…although never got to to try it in South Korea. We have a few Paris Baguette here, but the drive is pretty far, close to an hour? I am total foodie, but while I was in South Korea I had to avoid Paris Baguette because I love bread to much and tend to over eat…..I miss South Korea when I see these type of post…Never could figure out why in South Korea and Japan they have more bakery than in the United States.

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      15 March, 2014 at 7:48 PM

      yeahh I love bread too and there are so many nice bakeries in Korea! 😀 I like Paris Croissant better though 😛 But expensive ><

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    10 March, 2014 at 2:24 PM

    oh wow the phad thai salad costs like 7000won (or more) in korea! so the price in sg is acty not bad!

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      15 March, 2014 at 7:46 PM

      wahh so ex in kr! ><

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