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Rediscovering my love for Korean novels 🙂

What better way to start than to re-read my favourite novel! It’s been 5 years or more since I bought the 3-novel set, and actually I think I’ve only finished the first two books, and was halfway through the third novel.

Seems like just yesterday when I was writing about how much I love these books. It’s quite interesting to re-read again. I still stumble over pretty much the same words that I highlighted a few years ago, but I’m also a much faster reader than before.

Perhaps it’s because I read non-fiction more often, but I do find myself being unfamiliar with a lot of the descriptive verbs and onomatopoeia that’s common in novels. Time to build up the vocabulary bank again 🙂

Listening to Sodagreen while typing this (and taking a short break from the novel). Feeling happy and at ease 🙂

Taking TOPIK again this coming Sunday. It’s become a time marker of some sort, reminding me that two years have passed yet again. If I look at things positively, I think I’ve come a long way to push my limits and take on different challenges. A less positive way of looking at things… I’m getting further and further from where I envisioned myself to be. That is something for another post 😛

Right now, I just want to immerse myself in the book and enjoy reading.

Till the next post.

To the silent reader, yes that’s you, maybe it’s time for a comment? 🙂

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Kang Dong Won Fanmeeting ❤️

A dream come true.

Those who know me or read my blog may know that Kang Dong Won is my allllll-time favourite actor. One thing on my bucket list is to see him in real life. I got v close to doing it in 2015, when a Korean friend managed to get premiere screening tickets for the movie군도 when I was in Korea. But it was cutting too close to my return flight so I had to give up the opportunity. And there’s always that lingering sense of regret.

So it was extra special this time that I got to see him in a small fanmeeting here in Singapore and managed to get front row seats too!!! Kudos to UWeekly and Zaobao for organising! And the host was great too (: A good host is v important!

Seeing KDW in real life is just so … cool 🙂 I’ve always read fan accounts of how his proportions are so out of the world/how he is sooo good looking etc, so it’s nice to finally see him in person. And yes he is v handsome ?. But what struck me was probably how good his English was and on top of everything, suddenly he became a language inspiration to me too. ?

Seeing him in real life actually triggered a lot of memories. I was acutely reminded of how hard I was working towards my dreams a couple of years ago. Of my younger and more motivated self. I was strongly reminded of how I was trying very hard to read his interviews in Korean last time, searching up new words and how I always felt so excited whenever he was featured in High Cut (with all the lengthy and in-depth interviews!). ☺️☺️☺️

I received a lot of positive energy yesterday and I am very glad I went for it. Hopefully I’ll get to see him in real life again someday, maybe in Korea this time.

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Hello Russian!

Welcoming another new language to my life 🙂

I started Korean in 2008 and re-started Japanese in 2012. Can’t quite believe it’s been 10 and 6 years since then.

When I mentioned on Insta that I was going to learn Russian, I was quite surprised by how the main reaction was “HUH THIS IS SO RANDOM”. Actually, it’s not that random. I’ve always wanted to learn Russian someday, just that I didn’t get down to doing it till now.

It was probably on a random whim that I actually got down to learning half the alphabet on my own a couple of months ago, but I realised that I really couldn’t find the motivation and discipline to do all 3 languages on my own. So I contemplated taking classes and one fine day this week (lol), I decided to Google for suitable classes and woohoo I found something that fit perfectly (must be fate!). So I signed up the very next day and went for my first Russian lesson a few days later! Hahaha talk about spontaneous decisions 🙂

While I do believe in making measured decisions, sometimes it’s really all these spontaneous decisions that turn out to be awesome choices in life. That was also how I got into Korean and Japanese language. Random decisions. 🙂

Thanks Gil for the notebook! 🙂 I used it immediately!

I have two notebooks for Russian now – one for class and one for self-study. Although I’m taking classes, I’m not planning to rely entirely on them to progress and hopefully I can still find some time to self-study 🙂

Till next time! 🙂

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Japanese and Korean learning log – March 2018

Hello everybody! 🙂 It’s been a long while on the blog but I’m glad I managed to have a quiet and productive afternoon to myself and the languages. I often get asked how I manage to find time for language study all these years, as I transit from being a student to a working adult. It’s difficult, and most of the time I’m also struggling to find that balance between what I need to do and my hobbies. In the end, it boils down to priorities and to me, language study is a form of enjoyment and therapy and hence I take the effort to squeeze time out for it.

I don’t know if it sounds strange, but I’m most at ease when immersed in the world of languages :).


New books give me motivation and hence I’m always adding to my collection of unfinished books 😛 I try to read as widely as possible in Korean and hence I tend to buy the most random books in Korean. (Such as books on FinTech and law). The most recent addition to the collection is a textbook on Theories on Public Administration 😛 I just love the idea of challenging myself to difficult texts and recently, I’m quite into academic texts hahaha. I don’t speak Korean at all in my daily life, so I’m trying to maintain language proficiency by reading as and when I can. It’s difficult to set goals in the advanced level and sometimes I feel a little lost (and unmotivated) when progress is less obvious (compared to the beginner and intermediate level). That said, I’m working on a few things right now: (i) to highlight fewer words in texts; and (ii) to improve reading stamina and concentration.


I barely did anything for Japanese in the past year and I’m suffering the consequences ><. I can clearly feel that my Japanese reading ability has been negatively impacted so I’m working slowly and steadily to build it up again. I bought a couple of new books (motivation :P), which I’ll share again in a separate post. But I’m sooo happy that today, I managed to sit down and really learn a couple of grammar points. Can’t remember the last time I concentrated so well in a long while.

Sharing my staple grammar books for now!

  • Kanzen Master (Grammar) N2 – Love this series!!
  • Japanese Grammar Dictionary – Got the Korean version instead! I believe they have it in several languages
  • Handbook on Japanese Grammar – It’s actually a book for people teaching Japanese to intermediate/advanced learners

The last book is a new (sort of) addition to the collection. I really like it as it goes into the nuances of the grammar point and how it differs from other similar grammar structures. While the one in the middle works more like a dictionary, with more sample sentences. Will blog about these two books next time! (Remind me)

It’s a good language-learning day :’)

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Phases of interest

Hello, blog. It has been a while.

I’ve learnt long ago that life works in funny ways and at least personally, things never quite seem to go the way I want them to be. Project #2018282, which was supposed to be the highlight of the year, is not going to happen. The surprising thing is that I decided it on my own volition.

Overall, it doesn’t seem like a bad outcome. In fact, I was actually quite happy about it (in some sense). Instead of living for tomorrow, I’m now able to live in the present and this change of mindset was a welcomed one.

While having goals and dreams is a great thing, sometimes I find that I’m just too consumed by it, that I lose sight of what I have, what’s around me, and what I need to do at the present moment.

While I might sing a different tune later in the year, this post will remind me of how I felt 🙂 and that everything will be ok.

Now that I got it out of my system temporarily, I’m now better able to really focus on doing what I need to do at this point in time. To stop seeing things as transient (and hence inconsequential) and really learn to face things head on.

I should also learn some new things! 🙂 Well, not necessarily “helpful skills” (urgh I cannot concur with the idea of choosing to only learn stuff that’s helpful – what does it even mean), but rather things that I love and enjoy. A lifelong passion can start from perhaps a random thought, a moment of interest (which you don’t quite know if it would last) or chanced upon accidentally.

Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong or bad with having random phases of interest. There are some which you will forget before you even embark on it, some that will fizzle our after a couple of weeks or months, and some that will follow you through life. What’s important is that you give it a chance and you dared or chose to do something about it 🙂

While we tend to scoff at those who don’t have the “willpower” or “determination” to see things through, these days I think I admire their courage to start.

So I shall start too. 🙂

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Signed up for TOPIK for the 5th time 

Sudden realisation that 2018 marks the 10th year since I started learning Korean ???. Woah. 10 years. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the past 10 years of my life have been very much influenced by my rather random decision to pick up the language. Here’s hoping that the 10th year anniversary will be an exciting and fruitful one 🙂 

For a (good) start, I’ve signed up for TOPIK in April! I was very scared that I would miss the sign up deadline again and this time I got everyone around me to remind me lol! 

This would be the 5th time I’m taking the exam. First took it back in 2009 (passed TOPIK 4), 2012 (TOPIK 5), 2013 (TOPIK 6) and 2015 (TOPIK 6). It’s now time to renew the certification, which lasts 2 years. 

I think I should be able to pass level 6 again, but then again, it’s hard to say since I haven’t been using the language much these days. I would very much like to improve my writing scores, which have always been in the ~60s range. So that would be my goal this time round, to push it to the high 70s. 

The new year didn’t quite bring in the renewed motivation, so I’m still finding it hard to do anything productive after work. Weekends are slightlyyy better but my concentration just doesn’t last. 

I have a study partner now, so hopefully this means more motivation! ??