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반말 / 존댓말 – the different cultures of different countries

I feel that I am learning more about the Korean culture (: (한국에 풍속 조금씩 알아져요) During the classroom when the teacher is talking about the Korean culture, it doesn’t leave such a deep impression on me. 선생님이 윗사람과 이야기할 때 존댓말 꼭 쓴다고 말했어요. It is only when i start chatting with korean friends that i realise the importance of using 존댓말.

한국에서 사람이 처음 만날 때 말과 행동 조심해서 해야 돼요. 저는 한국 풍속에 대해 모르는 것을 아직도 많아요. 그래서 틀린 말 쓰면 죄송해요. (: 싱가폴에는 처음 마날 때 친한 친구처럼 말해도 돼요. ㅋㅋ 한국 풍속에 대해 관심이 많으니까 배우고 싶어요. ^^ 한국 친구를 사귀어서 아주 기뻐요. (: 교환 핵생으로 한국에 가고 싶어요. 이렇게 한국어도 공부할 수 있고 한국 풍속도 배울 수 있어요.

지금 한국어를 공부할게요. 화이팅!

I am glad that I am learning more and more each day ^^

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I came across this particle quite a few times before, but I had no idea what it meant. Finally today, I studied it. It is named as ‘noun modifying suffix’ and is used when the speaker describes a situation that no longer existed. It is actually a very useful particle, albeit a little confusing when i first studied it.

전에 좋아하던 남자를 만났어요.     –> I met the guy I used to like.

어제 사던 지갑을 잃어 버렸어요.  –> I lost the wallet I bought yesterday.

(haha is it used like this? I hope so) It seems like the object has to be gone/lost/vanished when it is used with a verb. Hopefully I will get the hang of it soon.


Just to side track abit. I started to listen to Girl’s Generation when a friend told me he likes their songs. Wow, it’s seriously not bad (listening to their first album right now). So far the song that really caught my attention was Ohh La La! haha I like the lyrics 😀 and the tune is pretty catchy. I am really happy that i can finally understand bit and pieces of lyrics (as long as it’s not like rap or sth) when a few months back, I have totally no idea what they are singing. Although it’s still impossible for me to watch dramas without subtitles, I will strive harder. 😀

Its amazing how younger Korean artistes are. haha omg some are even younger than me!!


Ooh la-la, ooh what a feeling Ooh la-la,
the clouds are smiling
옛날 옛적 언니들과 계모에게
몹시 구박 받던 그녀 이름
마음도 몸도 착한 신데렐라
어느 날 밤에 무도회 이쪽저쪽
다니다가 왕자님 만나 첫눈에 반해서
사랑에 빠져 버렸죠
주위를 둘러봐 멋진 왕자님 나는 공주님
모두들 우리를 축하해요 *Ooh La-La
나는 아직은 어리지만 그대의 존재를 믿어요
단 한명의 나만의 왕자님을 Ooh La-La
그대만의 공주 될래요
그대에게 잘 어울릴 난 공주가 될래,
그래 Ooh La-La Ooh la-la,
ooh what a feeling
기억하니 항상 one two,
three two, four two
줄을 맞춰 걸어가는 착한
난쟁이들과 행복한 백설공주
독 사과를 먹고 죽음과 같은
깊은 잠이 들 때
백마 탄 왕자 달콤한 키스로
잠자는 공주를 깨워 주었죠
주위를 둘러봐 멋진 왕자님
나는 공주님 모두들 우리를 축하해요
*Ooh La-La 나는 아직은 어리지만
그대의 존재를 믿어요
단 한명의 나만의 왕자님을
Ooh La-La 그대만의 공주 될래요
그대에게 잘 어울릴 난 공주가 될래,
그래 Ooh La-La
그리하여 공주님은 왕자님의
성으로 마차를 타고서 갔구요
둘은 행복하게 살았다죠
내 인생에 아직은 백마 탄 왕자님은 없지만
어딘가 그대 있겠죠
언젠가는 만나게 될 그댈 기다리며
나는 꿈을 잃지 않아
*Ooh La-La 나는 아직은 어리지만
그대의 존재를 믿어요
단 한명의 나만의 왕자님을 Ooh La-La
그대만의 공주 될래요
그대에게 잘 어울릴 난 공주가 될래,
그래 Ooh La-La Ooh La-La
나는 아직은 어리지만 그대의 존재를 믿어요
단 한명의 나만의 왕자님을 Ooh La-La
그대 역시 나를 찾겠죠
우리 만날 그날 올 때까지 나 여기에 있어,
봤어 Ooh La-La

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여러분 안녕! 오늘 일을 많이 헀어요. 아침에 한국어를 공부하면서 노래를 들었어요. 그 다음에 옛날 친구들을 만났어요. 오랫동안 못 만났기 때문에 얘기 많이 했어요. 다른 친구에 대해 이야기하고 요즘 한 것을도 나누었어요. 저녁에 한국학교에 가서 시험 경과를 찾았어요.

오늘은 초급 3 반에 시작해요. 그런데 저는 혼자서 공부하기로 했으니까 한국학교에서 계속 공부하지 않아요. 학교에 갈때 반 친구들을 만났어요. 그들은 저는 계속 공부하고 새각하니까 모두 기뻤어요. ㅋㅋ 미안해! 다음에 꼭 같이 저녁을 먹자!

저는 글을 안에 틀린 것을 있으면 모르겠어요. 그레서 도와 주세요!! ㅋㅋ

내일 특별한 일이 없으니까 집에 있을 거예요. 심심해요… ㅋㅋ 대학교 시작할 때까지 한 달 있어요. 학교 기고 싶지 않아요!! 흑흑

방학을 때 제일 좋네요. 여러분도 방학을 좋아요? ㅋㅋ

그럼 다음에 보자! 지금 자고 싶어요. ^^


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in deep thoughts

I wonder how I can continue to study Korean while juggling with my would-be-busy uni life. Apart from the fact that i am taking a double degree (which increases my workload, lessons time), I would still need to spare some time for CCAs, MYlife etc. Currently Learning Korean is the main objective in my life, and most of the time I am just in front of my desk. (okay this week i am more slack) 😀

But the fact remains that my priorties got to change when school starts. I envy people who can major in Korean Studies, Singapore does not offer that course. ): And learning a new language is really fun, everyday you pick up some more vocab/grammer and you realise that you are beginning to understand more and more. Being able to pick up a few more lines while watching Korean Dramas, and hey! understanding more lyrics of your favourite Kpop songs.

That’s my main drive and motivation (: Sure, there are times when everything seems so tiring. but somehow I will continue to strive on doggedly. and hopefully one day, become a native speaker.

And actually, I was quite surprised at my own determination and interest in the language. 2 years ago and I would have told everybody that I wanted to learn Spanish and Korean was definitely out of my radar. NO interest in Korean Drama whatsoever and please, i dun even know who is Dong bang shin ki, shinhwa and se7en??? who’s that. hahaha

A few years ago, that was the time when Korean Craze was strongest in Singapore I guess. Where everybody scrambles to pick up a few Korean phrases and I was like ‘okay.. i don’t know what’s the hype about.’ and 2 years later! here I am blogging on my interest in Korean haha.

ohya and 2 years ago, I have NEVER in my life eaten any Korean food. I preferred western or japanese food. What’s 비빔밥? 삼계당, 볶음밥, 자짱면,냉면,갈비 all unheard of. haha I guessed i only knew KimChi back then.

and now,비빔밥 is my favourite food 😀

I guessed I changed quite alot for the past 2 years. (: 

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more random stuff

I smartly set my laptop’s main language to korean. so now all programms run in Korean. Well, its not so difficult navigating around them but now that iTunes is in Korean too. and its a chore navigating around the programme. heh ya i deserved it.


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random grumbles

I still have yet to decide if I should go for freshmen orientation camps. My mind is split into 2.

enthu me: You should go for the camps! you wont want to be known as a slacker right. and you can make new friends! stop being so lazy. PLEASE.

reserved me: sigh most of the camps have swimming as an activity. I cant even swim, go there and sit at a corner ah? and you know you hate wet / muddy games so why go there?

But okay a camp did caught my attention. The WSC camp looks fun. okay I shall give myself till tmr to make a decision and not regret it. (: haha oh and that depends which split personality of mine is stronger tmr. haha

anw my back is going to break soon after sitting down in front of my desk for the whole afternoon. 😀 I have accomplished pretty much for the past 6 months and I resolved to work harder than ever (:

but my poor back is suffering hahaha