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어제는 마지막 한국어 수업이 인데 아주 재이있었어요. 우리 반 <백설공주> 연극했어요. 그리고 1 등 이겼어요. 기분이 아주 좋았어요. (: 앞으로 우리 반 친구와 못 만나기 때문에 심심해요. 시진을 많이 찍었어요. 김밥, 잡채, 김치, 떡도 먹었어요. 아주 맛있었어요. 특히 김밥과 김치를 아주 좋아해. ^^

지금 공부하기 싫어요. ㅋㅋ 한가하게 보내고 싶어요. ^^ 난 지금 제일 싶은 할 것이 드라마를 보네요. 심심하다. .

Watched till episode 50 for Pure 19. haha omg Yun Ho is beginning to like Gukhwa 😀 And I teared when the mother was treating her so badly cos of her suspiscions that her son likes her. Sigh I love this drama (: I think I am watching a little too fast. halfway through alr and i would seriously miss the show once its over. Its rare to find a long series that doesnt drag on and on like nobody’s business. and not grate on your nerves over repeated stupid misunderstandings that separate a couple over and over again. haha (:


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오늘은 기분이 아주 좋아요. (: 한국어를 더 열심히 공부하기로 해요!! Chatting online in korean is so fun. 😀 although i’m still slow in typing. (I can take up to a few min to think of one short sentence). But at least i will be improving this way. okay i need to go study now. NO TIME to waste.

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한국어 시험 part 1

Had our oral/listening test yesterday. It was.. not too bad. During the free conversation part, our 선생님 asked us 3 different questions each. Mine was:

1. 왜 한국어를 배워요?

대답: 한국 드라마를 아주 좋아해요.

2. 어떤 드라마를 좋아해요?

대답: <마왕>.

3. 아. . 배우 좋아해요?

대답: 네! 엄태웅을 아주 좋아해요. (:

HAHA. I end up declaring my love for him. :X that was quite dumb, i sound like a crazy idol fan. haha and during the whole thing, i keep using 좋아해요! wahaha.

I just finished studying a chapter. A little confused over the use of “은/ㄴ/는 데요”. I need to look at more examples.

time flies

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Korean Tongue Twisters :X

Korean Tongue Twisters here!

Go see this site!

How do you gauge if you have really mastered a language?

Ans: by being able to do TONGUE TWISTERS in that language!!! :X

YES. i cant accomplish that yet, so that means i have a long way more to go. wahaha its not easy but fun to try! Oh, I will be compiling some sites that are useful to learning Korean. Shall do it some time later. (: This is one of the quirky sites i found. haha. The third one looks especially tricky.

I look forward to the day i master them.


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i’m seriously impressed

I was just randomly blog hopping and I came across this girl’s blog. She studies Korean at Advanced II level in my school (i could only guess who she is) and its a blog on her Korean Learning Journey. Very interesting, and i can really see the effort she puts into the language. She have 7h of korean lesson per week! omg. that’s cos she studies in 2 schools at the same time.

I thought i was rather hardworking and passionate about learning Korean, and after reading her blog, i am absolutely impressed and realised that the effort i put in so far could not compare with her yet. That’s a source of inspiration for me, and i will continue to work harder (especially since i’m self studying right now) :X

I guess I will just skip a level or 2 and return back to that school soon. Uni is starting in 2 months and I guess I really have to prioritize my commitments. I need to be sure I can attend all lessons before continuing classes. And my future job prospects depends on my uni degree. sigh, i wont mind being a full time student doing Korean Studies if my country offers such a course. anw. i think i need to work much harder. 😀

in awe.

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one absolutely bad thing about self studying a language is that you nv know if you are making a mistake. I dun have any Korean friends currently ):

한국 친주 없어서 어떻게 해요?! 여러분 가루쳐 주세요!! 고마워요. 혼자 공부는 것이 쉽지 않아요. 머리가 아파요. :/ 한국 알는 사람이 필요해요.

If anyone who knows Korean happen to chance on this blog, please help me (: Anw I hope what I typed above was correct. hahaha