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A break and a milestone

I love the Korean word and concept 힐링. While it comes from the English word “healing”, it takes on a different meaning – to take a break mentally / physically. It can be used in phrases such as 힝링이 된다 to describe how something / someone gave you comfort / is a form of relaxation.

That’s how I feel about this weekend. Had a staycation with a good friend and I felt that the 24 hour break gave me so much comfort and “healing”. It gave me some alone time (with my thoughts) and allowed me to really focus on the present and myself. A change of environment always does me some good cos it feels like I can “restart” myself.

Brought a Korean novel with me and I was surprised by how well I could concentrate on reading. It’s been really a long while since I have enough time and energy to really sit down and read a foreign language novel.

Read about 90 pages and yay I finally finished another Korean novel!!

I’m reading 해리 by 공지영. Bought this two-volume novel a couple of months back. Those who know me would know that I LOVED the novel (and movie) 우리들의 행복한 시간, by the same author. 우행시 was the first Korean novel I knew about – cos the Yonsei Reading 6 series featured it. And it was probably one of the earliest (or perhaps even first?) novel that I owned. I bought 해리 without even knowing what the novel was about (lol I’m totally the type that “follows” authors).

Well, I’m glad I bought them. I’ve only finished Book 1 thus far and woah it has been a gripping read. If you are interested, you can Google and find out more about the book and the synopsis.

The last Korean novel I read was probably a few years ago ahhahahah (I’m terrible), so this is really a big personal milestone for me. It’s strange how I tend to read a lot more non-fiction and news articles in Korean. But I’m still glad to say that all the accumulated effort over the past few years (not much compared to my earlier years of learning Korean) has still paid off. I am highlighting fewer new vocabulary and even though there were some words I didn’t know, I am still able to follow the narrative with ease.

Ok, time to read book 2 🙂

I will be back again.

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[REVIEW] Korean Made Easy (Starter)

When it comes to language learning textbooks, I tend to judge a book by its title rather than cover. In general I hate books with titles such as “XX Days to Master XX”, “Speak XX Fluently in XX Hours”, you get the drift. But a good cover do wonders in creating that first good impression.

I must say that when I first came across the Korean Made Easy series, it didn’t seem like a book that I would reach out to immediately.

But now it turned out to be one of my most favourite textbook series. In fact, I have been telling my friends to buy it, especially those who love a more colourful and well illustrated textbook.

Buy. Just buy.

Pro tip: This book is really very suitable for younger learners. Some language textbooks tend to be very dry or use very technical terms, which can be very daunting to someone new to language learning. I majored in linguistics, but even I thought that describing sounds as “fricative”, “palatal”, “voiced” etc is not going to very intuitive.

Ok, let’s get into the review proper.

The starter book is very focused on Hangeul and aims to give the learn a very thorough and good foundation in the Korean writing system. There’s minimal grammar introduced, and beside the writing system, the book introduces basic vocabulary and common phrases used.

Good for the self learner who needs a bit of help.

Introduction to Hangeul

This has got to be one of the best and most easy to understand introduction to Hangeul. It tells you the things that are actually useful, along with characteristics of Korean vowels/consonants and Korean sentences.

Count me impressed.


The remaining chapters revolve around several groups of Korean consonants / vowels.

Each chapter is divided into 4 steps:

Step 1: Let’s Warm Up!

It’s interesting how the book starts with a couple of audio-based exercises to warm up first, instead of going straight to the topic. I feel that these exercises will be very useful in a classroom setting to get the student to listen first and really focus on learning the sounds. Self learners would also find it helpful to focus on listening first.

I like this method – to hear before anything else. I feel like a lot of time, we are too focused on trying to learn a language by reading lengthy explanations in our native language, instead of trying to focus on how the target language sounds like.

Step 2: Let’s Study!

The “actual” lesson is also very audio-focused, but I love how their explanations are also peppered with visual cues and explanations.

Step 3: Reading Activity!

This book has one of the best set of exercises I’ve come across. Exercises that people would actually do. It feels like a kids textbook at times, but I think that’s precisely what makes it good. That’s how we learn languages in schools.

Step 4: Writing Activity!

YASSSS. Ample practice to listen and write. Thumbs up.

There’s really nothing bad I can say about this book. It’s just so fun and interactive to work through.

A major plus point is how they have flash cards / expression cards for the common expressions at the back. It’s good quality cards that you can tear out along the perforated lines. HOW COOL IS THAT.

Why I like this book:

  • Explanations are well thought out, and use “lay man” terms
  • Love the graphics
  • Fun to work through
  • Well thought out content, designed to help you learn Korean efficiently


Ok, please buy the book now.

You can find it on TwoChois

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2019 JLPT N2 Results

Yay I passed my JLPT N2 again! 🙂 I am very grateful that the language has not left me, despite not having enough time to practice or use it often over the past three years. When I was still studying, I thought that as long as one is disciplined enough, “no time” shouldn’t be an excuse. But as I entered the working world, I think I must take back my words. I’m not sure if I am just not disciplined enough, or that indeed it’s tough to balance amongst all the different commitments of an adult.

In any case, this year, I made sommmmme some steps progress to incorporate Japanese back into my life. Baby steps, but I’m getting there.

Happy to see that I’ve not lost the language.

2019 JLPT Results

hahaha look at the abysmal vocab/grammar scores lolol. This has always been a weak area for me. But I’m quite proud of my reading scores.

2016 JLPT Results

It’s quite funny how much scores remained quite consistent. Not that I have anything to complain about, I’m grateful that I can even maintain the same standard. But thought it was funny how reading has been consistently my best section 🙂

Promised myself (and few others) that I would take N1 in December should I pass N2. I did, so I signed up!! Hahaha I love taking language tests and I’m very motivated now.

Psychoed a few others to join me to take the test hahaha. Reminds me of how I managed to get WX and Nicholas to join me for HSK 2 years ago.

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When you see passion

The long weekend did me something (or two) good. It was a good break from emails, and detaching myself away from that endless cycle of assignments and workstreams gave me some time to breathe. I spent some time with people who mattered, and friends whom I love. I even met someone new off the blog! 🙂

It’s been a long time since I met anyone new off the blog, and that feeling was amazing. Clicking with a fellow language lover was a breeze, and it reminded me of my own passions and love for languages. The conversation flowed easily, peppered with the occasionally OMG YOU FELT THE SAME WAY?! and WOAH YOU TOO! hahaha. It brought back some of the passion in me, and being able to talk about some of my own issues in life/language learning (to someone who understands) was liberating.

If you are reading this, thank you so much. (and we should have met three years ago)

It’s been a long time (almost three years!) since I last had a proper language learners meetup. I wonder if anyone (in Singapore) would still turn up if I organise one in the coming months. As usual, there won’t be much agenda (or activities) in the meetup. I just want to create time and the opportunity for language lovers to connect. Let me know if anyone’s interested.

Shall spend the remaining day doing only the things I like.

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几天前下班后我搭地铁回家。旁边站着两位貌似OL的女子。40-50分钟的路程, 她们不停的在抱怨自己工作,批评对方都不认识的同事。越说越激动,越说越起劲。

那也是上班族的悲哀吧。 朋友好不容易见一面,尽聊一些负面的事情。不知道是想比谁更惨,还是想说自己是对的,正义的一方。还是只想诉诉苦。




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