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2013 is kinda a bittersweet year for me and the last half was rather … turbulent lol.

I felt like I jumped blindly forward but ended up rolling backwards.

But funnily enough, no regrets.

I was thinking of writing a reflection of the year’s worth of happenings, but decided that I’ve reflected enough and should spend more time on more productive things like brushing up on my Japanese and frivolous stuff like fangirling.

This year is really the year of “opposites” for me, since I ended up on the opposite side of whatever I thought I would be (whether big or small things).

Welcomed two new fandoms (?) in my life: WINNER and EXO.

I think I’m more into WINNER compared to other YG groups and they are the only group that I follow right from their pre-debut preparation days and likely to follow them in whatever they do until forever. (I get really bored quickly when watching other rookie group performances .___.)

I used to be rather indifferent to EXO but now their songs are my default playlist and I’ve put it on repeat on for days~. I’m only following them casually though and I have difficulty recognising the members still x.x 

What is love is now my favourite song. The lyrics is so ❤❤ but it’s really the epitome of drama fairytales and the perfect k-drama male leads. Well, we can always dream. Lyrics HERE.

People close to me will know that I have a liking for discovering “unique” songs.

Presenting to you my find of the year 😀

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    1 January, 2014 at 4:47 AM

    Don’t get into Exo that much they’re gonna trap you TT You can definitely tell by the pictures I post on my instagram lol They do have nice songs.

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      1 January, 2014 at 7:16 PM

      hahahaha! I wont 😛

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