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Out and About in Osaka #5

Somewhere, I don’t know where.

It’s been more an a year since the trip and I’m still blogging about it. Or rather, just spamming photos since I can’t remember where’s where.

Browsing through the photos and it hit me that the plus one (bff) and I really looked very very happy and at ease. We were grinning in every single photo lol.

Eh, if you are reading this, we need to make IT happen. 😀

Went to some random museum (I don’t even remember if we went there deliberately or simply pass by lol). I loveee museums that have this ‘collect all these stamps’ kinda feature.


Most memorable exhibit. :/


I fell in love with the ice-cream vending machine 😛


I need to drink yuzu highball again. NOWW. I was so obsessed with wanting to buy the santory whiskey lol. This was at a random izakaya – I never knew what I was ordering in those places /shouldstudymore


I love looking out of the windows in the train <3


Dotonbori. Or is it Namba. I loveee this place. <3



I need to go back and shop.


I remember liking a lot of clothes from this store.



Really cool ride on the road.


Pachinko places have really unhealthy air x.x Very overwhelming sound, sight and smell. lol.


Hi Sol!


Random vege/fruit stall.


okay yay I finished blogging about Osaka. Next up is Kyoto!

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    22 September, 2014 at 1:07 PM

    I love your pictures! Everything looks so wonderful. I can’t wait for when I get to go see Japan for myself. Hopefully that time will come soon since I want to study abroad. Yuzu Highball is sake, right? I’ve never heard of it until now. How is it? 😀

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