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Out and About in Osaka #4


I miss the city.

A lot.

The plus one (bff) and I are not big shoppers and totally no good in fashion. We did went to malls, but more for the food halls, supermarkets and cafes!

We spent one awesome evening wandering around Umeda (where we stayed) and the highlights of the evening included a trip to the Umeda Sky Building and then going to an awesome cafe in Grant Front Osaka.

Let the pictures tell the story.

Okay, maybe not yet.

The backstory is that I’m mortally afraid of heights while the bff is not, so I was rather freaked out when we reached the ground floor of the sky building.


This is the only photo I took because I was freaking out. While the bff was super excited. I took really long to decide that I would take the lift (with glass doors!!) up AND THEN take that escalator (the one that is hanging in the middle of nowhere) to the observatory deck. The bff told me that I should be thankful the lift floor is not glass -.-

The view is awesome from the indoor observatory!! (you can later go one floor up to the outdoors one)


I loveee this particular observatory because it’s just so awesome. They even have such seats for you to enjoy the view with a little more height and privacy!


We got one to ourselves and the view was just GOOD. The elevation of the seats made a difference!



We later went to the outdoor one. I was initially so freaked out by the cold, strong winds and the feeling of emptiness (and it’s dark) that I clung on to the bff oops.

ohh, do visit the souvenir shop!! They sell really pretty stuff <3

Desserts were needed to calm my frayed nerves (haha kidding).


Went to Grand Front Osaka!


It’s a huge mall but we didn’t bother walking around. I don’t even remember any shops there. I just love the whole spacious area.


Went to a basement cafe and it’s pretty.


We sat outside and it’s just soothing to hear the water fountain, enjoy the breeze and chat. One of my favourite moments of the trip.


Desserts not spectacular but who cares. The time was.


Anyone been to Osaka? 😀 Visited these places?

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    10 June, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    omg.. i super love sky buildings etc so i should have gone there ㅜㅜ but everyone was telling me it’s not worth going! next trip haha! i miss osaka too, especially namba!

    • Reply
      14 June, 2014 at 10:52 AM

      it’s super worth it!! (: I think we went up free cos we bought the 3 day osaka pass or dunno what hahaha. I cannot remember. It came with a lot free entrance coupons for a lot of places (:

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