Onwards to the N1 journey!

24 April, 2017

Hello! It’s been a long while since my last book haul and I think it was high time to have one to cheer me up and add some motivation 😀

Since N2 ended some time back, it’s time for the N1 journey. Books make me motivated!!

So does stationery! Bought an interesting mechanical pencil which apparently has some system to protect the lead from breaking (?!).

(sorry this is such a half-hearted blog post, because I’m more keen on using the time to do some actual studying today)

    1. Hi there! I’ve been a silent reader for a while but I’m quite intrigued by this unbreakable mechanical pencil. I’m looking forward to discovering whether it will live up to the expectations. XD

      The ever so relevant,

    1. hello! chanced upon ur blog when I was searching for some N1 materials. I’m amazed and inspired by your dedication! I still have my Harry Potter books in Japanese lying on my bookshelf there unread T.T

      Do you have any recommendations for readings that are shorter and *ahem* not so time consuming? hehe

    1. Kanzen Master series available only in

      N4 Grammar
      N3-1 Grammar, Listening, Reading, Kanji, Vocabulary

      No books for N5, and only 1 for N4.

    1. so if your goal for korean still to reach fluency? are you fluent? are you close? far? i ask because i recently saw mattvsjapan’s youtube video and this other youtube video by this girl who lives in africa (native language in afrikaans.. studied korean for 11 years and not fluent and vocab is lacking clearly. maybe she’d have come as far as you did if she knew mandarin/chinese characters and dabbled in less languages) and i’ve done my version of AJATT and i’m just curious if your goal is still fluency or you’ve changed it since you’ve realized just how much time you have to spend doing stuff in korean consistently especially since you do not use anki.

    1. I’m just curious of your progress like how much do you understand/catch dialogue dramas/movies and how effortlessly is that? do you have different goals now? do you think your vocabulary is stagnant? growing? diminished?

    1. did you get these in Malaysia? if yes, which shop exactly? Thankyou!

    1. I know this is a late comment but definitely try the kurutoga pencil. It rotates so the point is always sharp and the lead rarely breaks. They should have a couple models that don’t have rubber grips. I can’t use any other pencil for Japanese now. It’s my favorite.

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