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oldies korean songs

listening to a Seoul Radio live stream right now. 95.1 TBS talk. please don’t get the idea that I understand everything i hear, I get some sentences here and there. (: anyway I am multi-tasking right now, so all the more I am not really paying attention to whatever i am listening to right now. But then they start playing Korean oldies. haha well, the song is generally slower paced with simplier lyrics, so i could understand them. haha 😀 I wish i know what are the titles of those songs. anyway korean oldies compliations are not sold in Singapore. or else I would have gotten them. heyy! i prefer oldies sometimes (:

perhaps I shall do a search on them on the net. and see if I could find the lyrics of the song I listened too ^^ It should be a famous one, since I have heard it a few times before. haha


back to books.

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    13 August, 2008 at 3:07 PM

    i am saruul

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