Nothing new, but still a discovery

27 August, 2017

Uhh. I guess I shall just keep the part where I lament about the passing of time (last entry almost 2 months ago!) and the lack of time. Because, what’s new?

The past 1 hour has been the happiest I’ve been in the entire week, simple because I finally have some time to myself + enough motivation to sit in front of the desktop and read a bit in Korean. 🙂 The first condition is already quite hard to fulfil but it’s the latter that is really tough. The majority of my free time is spent on the sofa, feeling exhausted and unmotivated. I recognise that I’m not in the best state, but it’s still tough to find that balance between what I love to do and what I need/chose to do.

It’s very clear to me that I love languages (especially Korean) and would love to devote my whole life to the pursuit of languages and related things but somehow and curiously enough, I find myself going away further from it and I cannot quite see the direction that I’m heading towards. As someone who at least like to have the big picture in mind (instead of very specific goals), this is making me feel quite lost.

Ok, I’m going too much into the inner dilemma again. ><

My newest (?) strategy of improving my Korean is to read widely. Thus far, I have been more or less reading up on business/economics and bought a couple of books to add to the collection. Personally, I have some interest in FinTech and startups, so thought will be quite cool to learn about the subject in Korean 😀 I realised that I like reading widely instead of going into a certain topic too deeply. And I’ve realised something – everything seems cooler and much more interesting when I read in a foreign language hahaha. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the sense of accomplishment that I feel?

In any case, I’m feeling happy and contented now on a Sunday evening 🙂

I need to come back to blogging again. Why am I depriving myself of the things I enjoy so much.

I’m not sure if this blog has anymore readers, but if you are still here, leave a comment! ^^

    1. Yup, you still have readers and I’m one of them!
      I was looking up something on the net when I noticed an e-mail notification of your new post and consequently told myself that I definitely knew what I was going to do during my downtime <3 personally, I just like following you along the journey. Most of the time I have nothing to say or share, but I do enjoy reading about your experience. Your love for Korean – and for language learning in general – always shines through and it never fails to soothe me.

    1. Question
      When you do your notebook stuff of writing out the example sentence, definition and all that are you doing that every time you come across a word?? As in so you read then look up the word and write then read more or do you read it all then look up everything ?

      Maybe you should look into anki that way you don’t have to constantly worry about going 1 step forward then 2 steps back.

      1. i’ll do that only when I’m “studying”, so i wont do so if i’m reading stuff on the bus or train. I’ll read a page and then start looking up the words.

    1. You should stop treating Korean like it’s so special. Just do what you want to do in Korean while looking up the words You need to fully comprehend/enjoy it. Usually if I’m reading in Korean it’s going to be on a topic that I can only read about In Korean because the English articles or books are just translations of the Korean stuff or they don’t go into depth or the Japanese resources on that is from the Japanese point of view since it is written by a Japanese person rather than a Korean person

    1. You said you bought a few books so does that mean you finished all the Korean Japanese books you bought in your last few hauls

    1. Hello, a reader here, I found your blog some years back when I was looking for Japanese learning resources. I relate to your conflict between what you need and want to do, and I hope eventually you will come to a resolution of it, it’s very imporant in life, it never goes away. Fighting!

    1. You still have a reader cos you are my motivation and inspiration. I am learning language as well, mainly japanese and a bit of korean so at first i am using your blog as my one of my learning resources, but eventually i am making you as my inspiration so slowly i find myself checking your new entry at least at the end of every month, just to make you that i din miss any of your new entry (like i am checking my Johnny’s artists blog at official site). I enjoy your review and point of view anyway. ^^

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