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Non Kpop Mondays #1 – Attore Divo / Gamja & Rimi

Kpop is over-dominating the music scene in Korea and although most of us are introduced to the world of k-music via Kpop, I hope to introduce some ‘underrated/unheard of’ artistes here. ^^ I’ve posted on k-indie a few times alr, but I hope to make this a common feature of the blog (: Why Monday? hahaha no idea, it just happens that I’m writing this today and it’s a Monday. 😀

THis is the first time I’ve heard of Attore Divo and they are seriously underrated. This song has a fairytale feel to it (: Don’t you think so? ^^

Rimi and Gamja are the best combo ever! I don’t think they are very ‘mainstream’ but Rimi is one of my fav female rappers. Their songs are usually ‘weird’ and there’s quite abit of coarse language (in some of their songs). But very addictive ^^

 I’m also expanding my music tastes, if you have any good non-kpop song to recommend, do let me know ^^

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