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New year, new challenges

Starting this year with a big change at work and I guess I’m still trying to find my bearings. As I cope with the external changes, I find myself gravitating to things that I used to like and do – perhaps as part of the process of finding that balance.

I have a tendency to like things in phases and even my mindset shifts with time and I could feel that I’m in the midst of yet another transition. As I deal with the external changes, I find myself seeking languages as a source of comfort and solace. Language therapy – as I like to call it. Instead of exploring the world of Russian, somehow I find myself back to liking Japanese anime and dramas again.

My mind works in strange ways. I am getting a lot of comfort from re-watching two seasons of Psycho Pass (I should write about this separately) and now I’m finally discovering Fruits Basket – after writing it off for the longest time cos the title is so weird hahaha.

I’m also starting to watch Good Morning Call. Hahahaahaha. I do like such cliche stories 🙂

I’m quite happy that I’m back to languages again. The familiarity really provides a lot of comfort in the midst of the (self inflicted) stress and anxiety. ❤️

New Year Resolutions

The new year is a good time to remind myself of the need to become a better person and to be comfortable in my own skin.

  1. Be happier.
  2. Be healthier. I tend to gain weight in times of unhappiness and stress.
  3. Respect my wishes. Listen to my heart and act accordingly.
  4. Korean – love it unconditionally. To stop feeling the disappointment that my love for the language has not been reciprocated. (Cryptic I know)
  5. Japanese – to read more and do something about my atrocious speaking skills (or lack of).
  6. Russian – to enjoy learning, even if it meant very slowly.
  7. Blog more. Writing helps me organise my thoughts. My thoughts have been all over the place these years, I wonder if I’m even thinking much.

Till the next post 🙂

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