N2 Preparation – read and read

13 September, 2015

I told myself that I would not buy any more Japanese books until I’ve finished at least 3/4 of my current collection, which means I haven’t been able to buy anything for the past few months (and probably for the next few months).

finally have some time to get started on the books I’ve bought! 😀 Just in time to prepare for N2~! Actually I’m not studying just to prepare for JLPT, but I just like the idea of having some form of motivation!

When it comes to language learning, one my favourite parts is grammar! I simply love to learn new grammar structures, to figure out what are the differences in nuances / usage between similar grammar points. It’s like puzzle solving. I know people who prefer learning slangs / vocabulary etc but for me, grammar makes me the happiest!

For Japanese, I have a separate notebook for vocabulary and grammar at the moment and I usually study grammar in the morning (more brain intensive) and then vocabulary or other stuff in the evening.



Haven’t posted notebook photos for a long time. (Yes I’m a left hander)

Writing helps me to remember stuff better. I don’t know if it has become somewhat of a superstition for me (I won’t be able to remember if I don’t write it down!), but oh well, I always believe in doing whatever that works for you. Does anyone of you feel the same way? That you have to write down to feel “at ease” and feel that you are actually learning? hahaha.

Finally got to read Anohana the novel – the anime made me cry like mad. I haven’t cried so much for an anime before lol. But strangely, I don’t quite like the novel so far. A lot of dialogues and ……… . Seriously, I haven’t come across any other book that love to use ……. so much.


I’ll still read it though. Perhaps my judgement is being clouded by the fact that I’ve been feeling really sick for the past few days. I can’t wait to get well soon so that I can feel ready to start working on my year-end goals.

Health is really the most important thing. As usual, we only realise that when we fall sick.


Here’s the bulk of my Japanese novels / non-fiction books collection! I think I have at least 12 unread books /looks guilty.

So yeah, I won’t be buying anymore till I finish them all.

I should wait for the next Japan trip (who knows when) and then buy more at Bookoff hahaha. Damn I miss that place!

Looking at books makes me happy~!

    1. Left-handed here! I wish you lots of success for N2 test.

      I like writing everything down as well because it really helps me to remember most of what I learn daily. Also, I’ve started learning Japanese, (took a short class as well), and I’m currently going through Remembering the Kanji I.

      I think the part I enjoy the most when I learn languages is the grammar or maybe it’s the translator in me LOL.

      1. Thanks Mya! Yeah it really helps me remember! Ohh is the book good? 😀 I’m really glad that I can write Kanji characters already, so that makes learning the language easier for me ><

    1. Hi! I really like to read your blog posts. Very motivational. Keep it up! 🙂 I also have several (nearly) unread japanese books at home. XD

      Maybe they are too difficult at the moment… It’s frustrating, because I have to look up many words per page. :/ Do you have any tips for me? How are you reading books with many unknown words?

      1. Helloo! 😀 Thanks for leaving a comment 😀 I think it’s always frustrating at the start, I used to highlight many many words in a single page (and take very long to complete one page) but as you progress slowly, you will find yourself understanding more and highlighting less! It’s a process that takes time, and you can only get better if you start! (:

      1. Hi Christian!! 😀 Bookoff is amazing!! Especially when there’s a sale xD
        WOAH. I was already expecting a number of books before I clicked on the picture and yet I’m still blown away hahahhaa.:P
        But it must be an amazing feeling, to see so many new books 😀 😀 (It makes me so happy just looking at the picture!)

        I spot a few familiar titles! 白夜行!! Enjoy your books!!

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