4 In Japanese learning journey (:

My skewed Japanese vocabulary

You are what you read. Not in a literal way, but whatever exposure you get does help to shape your proficiency when it comes to language learning. Interestingly, my Japanese vocabulary bank is getting kind of skewed (screwed?) because of the stuff I’ve been reading/watching these days. I’m a big fan of crime dramas and I’ve been watching too many of them these days. Saigo no hanzai profiler, Strawberry night, Bloody Monday, BOSS etc. ><;; The first word that comes to my mind for Japanese is often 殺された (to be killed). Don’t even ask me why.


I’m so addicted to Strawberry Night that I bought the novel hehehe. Read around 30 pages so far. Twice in fact – first reading and the detailed reading. Will talk about how I feel about reading two Japanese novels concurrently in another post. Picked up quite a lot of vocabulary like 現場、事故死、解剖 etc. lol. Reminds me of how I first picked up this category(?) of words in Korean when I watched SIGN. One of the first unsubbed dramas I watched was God’s Quiz lol. A rather interesting choice for an unsubbed drama hahaha

In any case, I’m having fun reading the novel. ❤ Couldn’t imagine that one day I’ll be reading an original Japanese crime novel hehe. I need to start varying my input and exposure so that I can read other stuff too lol.

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    12 May, 2013 at 11:52 PM

    Hi Shanna! You’re amazing!!!

    I started to read Korean texts too. I’m currently reading character description of the drama “I summon you , gold!” LOL At least I have a context…)
    I write the sentence, there dissect it, and try to make a French sentence with the result , a sentence that makes sense!!! I already saw a lot of grammatical points!! LOL…

    I was wondering: do you re-read your notes after you’re done?

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      18 May, 2013 at 1:29 PM

      Thanks Emma! Is that drama good? ^^ Sounds like you’re having fun learning Korean! 😀 mmm I don’t re-read them at all, except for some of the grammar notes. I think I’ve referred back to my notes less than 10 times in total ^^;;

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    13 May, 2013 at 6:05 AM

    well even if it’s skewed that vocab is easy to learn for you since you already the know the word for it in korean and mandarin which i’m going to guess is the same chinese characters for 99% of time if you convert everything to traditional or whatever. you gotta learn “new” (japanese) readings but at least you already know it in 2 other languages. so i say it’s smart strategy to conquer something that you’re really accustomed to.

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      18 May, 2013 at 1:26 PM

      haha I guess that’s true ^^

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