1 In Korean learning journey (:

My new obsession with…

Forensic science! 😀

To backtrack a little, it’s not exactly the science that I’m interested, but writings about the topic in Korean. As you might know, I like to change my focus of my readings every now and then and I’ve been through entertainment news, politics, economy, business and now I’m at forensic science!

I don’t think I can ever absorb the details of the science itself, so I’ll settle with some basic knowledge of the field and the language used. My interest was piqued by the drama 싸인 (SIGN) and through that drama, I have gained alot of vocabulary and relevant expressions. I’m expanding on that now.

For those that don’t know, the NSF (National Forensic Service) featured in the drama really exists and is helmed by a female director, who has been in the organization for 33 years.

Here’s a particularly nice piece of interview with the director and I used it as a starter reading for me to get to learn more about the field. It’s amusing how I’m more motivated to read widely in Korean while I’m always reading novels in Chinese and even trashier stuff (sometimes) in English (well, besides my major-related readings which I do during school time only).

Alot of the new knowledge I’m gaining are from Korean. O.o

Anyways, I always advocate a wide range of reading in the foreign language and this is what I’m doing now ^^ Restricting yourself to a certain field or genre is simply doing yourself disservice. Probably for the next two weeks, I’ll be obsessed with such articles. Found a few good ones already!

If you know any good crime or forensic science authors / novels or anything related, let me know! Will appreciate the help~! oh, in Korean of course!


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    21 July, 2011 at 11:51 PM

    Annyeonghaseyo! Your blog is really very informative about all the stuffs related to anything Korean! I will definitely drop by more often! I’m currently watching Sign as well. 3 more episodes to go and I will be done! =D I self-studied Korean when I was in 13, but it was kind of an on-off thing because I had to concentrate on my studies.

    It’s the holidays now, so I’m catching up on more Korean dramas and getting back to reading my Korean book, but things do get harder. I’m pretty confused by the different word forms they have for the same ‘root’ word. Haha, I don’t know if you know what I mean, but yeah…

    Still, hangukeo jjang! ^^

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