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My love for pansori


I actually hate typing in caps but it helps to capture my excitement. 😀

People who know me well will know that I loveee pansori. Okay I went to read that 2012 blog post again and I think I’m still as in love hahaha. Actually I can’t really tell if I like pansori in general, or that I like pansori performed by 안숙선 선생님. iTunes has a full album of the 춘향가 performance but I didn’t quite like the rendition and decided that I would only buy the CDs of the version performed by Ahn Sook Sun.

I’m soooo happy I finally bought it after all these years. Either I had no money (close to 50,000won!!) or I forgot about it when I gmarketed. Actually I forgot about it this time too, so I just ordered it as a standalone item because I need to have it now. lol.

For a while, I kinda forgot about my love for pansori but got strongly reminded of it again when Latchimi showed me a link of an upcoming pansori performance in Singapore. I was like OMG pansori!! OMG performed by Ahn Sook Sun! OKAY BUY THE TICKETS.

Yup, I didn’t even care what the performance is about.

Back in the 2012 blog post, I wrote that one thing in my bucket list is to see her perform live in Korea. The ultimate dream will be to see her perform 춘향가 live in Korea, but nevertheless I’m super excited about watching her performance in this upcoming musical here in Singapore (: SO EXCITING.

Back to the CDs.

I love how it comes with a booklet with the lyrics 😀 Shall bring it along when I’m out. I cannot wait to learn the whole performance. I am pretty familiar with 사랑가 already LOL.

It’s close to 1am now but I’m still trying to load them into the computer lol.

I should sleep soon.

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