2 In Korean learning journey (:/ Seoul Life 2011

My Korean has … improved? :D

Finally a post about Korean! It seems like I’ve stopped posting about Korean ever since I’m in Seoul. But enjoy the Korea posts while it last! D:

Time for some midway reflection. It’s hard to judge for myself, but I think my Korean has improved slightly. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the kind of person who will give my 100% in things I do. I could have improved much more, but I refuse to work harder. OTL

I definitely think that my listening skills have shot up. ^^ Prior to this trip, I did have several chances of ‘long’ conversations with a few Korean friends. I did understand most of it, but I had to concentrate really hard and I got tired after awhile. I would switch off and nothing they say will reach me. But now, I realised I can hang out with a bunch of Koreans, participate in their conversations, listen to them etc without feeling tired at all. Hehe I can understand the normal conversations perfectly, and even when they start going into more difficult topics, I have no trouble too 😀 I had several ‘conversation-intensive’ outings where I joined a group of Korean working adults at a cafe etc, where there is endless talking. Me like.

I switch on the TV and I realised that I could understand with ease. I’m particularly good with those urm documentary-kind programmes. I don’t know if there’s a term but urmm those programmes where u have a narrator, and they go interview people and revolves around a theme. (okay, failed)

I’m a little weaker when it comes to variety shows and TV news though. I can understand them but I need a little more effort!

Writing. I don’t write much, except for my Korean blog and urm my Korean writing lessons in school. My friends tell me my writing is good, structure and content wise but I tend to not use the past tense and I still have some troubles with my particles. My Korean teacher reviewed my essay with me the other day. She asked if I write often since I have good, clear structure and content. And she commented that I must have good speaking skills since I tend to write in the ‘speaking style’. Oops I need to learn how to write formally. xD

Speaking. I don’t think I have improved THAT much. A little, but not that much. I can express myself in normal conversations perfectly (in terms of getting the message across), but I fail when it comes to the harder topics like economics, social welfare etc. D: I simply lack the vocabulary, speaking wise. I’ll do a lot better if you give me something to read. Will work on that when I go back to Singapore! heehee less and less people are picking up on the fact that I’m a foreigner 😀 😀 I can ‘cheat’ people for a longer period of time LOL

Reading~~ I haven’t been reading much. But I think my reading speed may have improved. Seeing how I can read the captions on TV. xD and subtitles in Korean~~

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    23 October, 2011 at 11:48 AM

    Whoaa Shanna! that’s really great!
    I hope I can be like you one day 😀
    I wanna be able to understand the dramas, variety shows, …
    It was already quite a hard time for me to communicate with the shop owners in Korea then. But good thing is they actually understood me and complimented how good my korean is (though it was just out of kindness i know HAHA!).

    • Reply
      23 October, 2011 at 11:50 AM

      it’s a good thing that you try to speak in korean! 😀 that’s always the first step: being willing to try!

      hehe we all go through the same stages (:

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