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Mundane life, mundane thoughts


Sorry for being so MIA here recently. Life has been mundane and exciting at the same time that I have nothing to blog about.

Does that even make sense?

One thing for sure, I haven’t been studying. 😀 It’s actually quite liberating to step away from the books for awhile and do other stuff. It doesn’t mean that my languages aren’t improving though. In fact, I think my Korean improved quite a bit in the past month, simply because I USED the language a lot.

This month consisted of a number of exciting and interesting Korean-related experiences. I went to Korea on an impromptu trip which required me to spend most of the time in a semi-business / formal setting, interacting with people who are businessmen, executives etc. That was a different ball-game from just meeting up with Korean friends and chatting about idols and k-entertainment over dinner. I might or might not blog about it, we’ll see. But as usual, bear in mind that everything sounds cooler than it actually is (:

On an unrelated note, I also went for interviews conducted in Korean. While this was not my first experience going for interviews and speaking Korean, I definitely feel that my Korean has improved dramatically over the years and I was a lot smoother than I had been a few years back! (: I actually felt more at ease speaking in Korean than I might have in English. I’m weird like this.

(Just like how I was being so at home with using Korean on a KE flight I took this time for the very first time)

On the language front, this month has been full of interesting experiences and it made me happy that I can now function in a broader range of circumstances than I could have just last year. It never fails to fascinate me how I have seemingly improved without me realising it (or me making active effort o.O).

May would bring more exciting things and I can’t wait to flip the calendar already!

This month made me realise that once you hit a certain proficiency in a language, the important thing is to keep using it and not let it just stay stagnant. It frustrates me that it’s getting harder to actually sit down and study the language, but then when I end up using the language in increasingly challenging and diverse circumstances, the progress and satisfaction that I gained made everything worthwhile! (:

On another note (so many notes..), I’ve realised that while I like meeting people who have very diverse interests and personalities etc, I am always attracted (or am closer) to those who really understand my love for Korean and languages. And most of the time, this means that the people I hang out most with (usually!) are also learning Korean or have some love for languages (:


Taking advantage of the 5,000won shipping deal on Gmarket that ends this month, I have just shopped on gmarket HAHAHA. I don’t know whether to be proud or not that I didn’t succumb to the temptation to buy books.

Wow Shanna didn’t buy books for once 😀

Might show you guys the haul next time hahaha.

Sorry, not a fashion / beauty blogger so in the end you might just see comments like “very nice, just buy” for reviews LOL.

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  • Reply
    25 April, 2016 at 7:18 PM

    Whenever I see your big improvements I can help but feel envious but at the same time proud. You worked hard yet I am the lazy type of learner ahaha no one to blame but myself lah. You inspire me to do my best though..like every damn time! I am happy for you Shanna ♡

    • Reply
      26 April, 2016 at 8:28 PM

      Aww Jeannie! Thanks! 😀 I’m actually lazier than I look. 😡

  • Reply
    26 April, 2016 at 11:30 AM

    완전 공감입니다. Soooooo true about not staying stagnant (learnt the hard way) and that it gets harder to sit down and study. As time goes on it sometimes feel like my Korean is getting worse because I realise how much there is that I don’t know!

    • Reply
      26 April, 2016 at 8:29 PM

      Yeah! Sometimes it feels like I barely know anything even after the years of study! But at least that usually acts like a wake-up call for me and I actually become more positive than negative. Need that extra push 😡 to stop the procrastination

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