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Mundane drama talk

It’s been a long long while since I was last  so invested in a drama. Maybe not that long ago, perhaps I’ve just forgotten. 2013 has been a pretty bland year for k-dramas, so I’m left with little choice.

7급공무원 was a flop, not even Joo Won can save that show for me. It started out promising and ended up in the dumps. To be honest I didn’t even follow it to the end.

최고다 이순신. I love this drama to bits while watching it. There’s so much to discuss about each character and my favorite Bread Man. But it just lack that addictive element for me and I’m happy to wait a week for new episodes. That being said, I give them props for having characters that one can relate to. Except for that all-too-perfect restaurant owner.

TEN 2. Not sure if the writer changed or something. There’s just less of that raw crime drama feel and I actually think it starts to get … philosophical? o.O TEN season 1 was more about difficult and grisly crimes, and of couse the F case. Season 2 tries to be more poignant (?) and I don’t really feel the tension at all. The rapport and teamwork amongst the 4 isn’t there too. Started out on the F case, ended it abruptly and after 5-6 episodes, suddenly Nam Haeri talks about F again.

Totally not interested in the other drama offerings until….




The cinematic feel is there. And one should applaud a drama for daring to go darker than normal.

Tension. Surprise. Twists. Mystery. Action.

hehe right up my alley.

Read the sypnosis and initially I thought it was just going to be a straight up undercover cop dies while rooting out bad drug lord, friend continues her mission but fall in love with bad drug lord kinda show. Not that it’s not exciting on its own, but now that I see a twist on how the “bad drug lord” got his reputation, I’m hooked.

hehe anyway I’m terrible at drama reviews/descriptions and I’m likely to bore you if I say more.

Just go watch.

p.s. Nam Gyuri hasn’t appeared (for much) yet. Not sure how she’s gonna be like, but I have a lot of liking for the actress despite popular opinion on her acting skills (or lack of).


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    3 June, 2013 at 9:54 AM

    One thing about Korean dramas is that it’s really hard to keep up with all of them. Because there is always one ending and new one starting. It’s crazy how fast they churn out these shows.

    • Reply
      3 June, 2013 at 12:42 PM

      the worse part is that you get a few of the same theme at the same time. I’m glad we are over with the time travel dramas, but who knows what new theme is being churned out.

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    3 June, 2013 at 12:08 PM

    Kdrama quality is spiralling downwards in my opinion… I tend to find cable dramas more palatable nowadays. Steering clear from all the hackneyed crap and/or 막장 (makjang) on 공중파 (i.e. KBS, SBS, MBC). So far JTBC’s “End of the World” was pretty well done, TvN’s Nine is quite addictive, but that’s about it. I found myself going back to Japanese drama and US/Brit TV, something I haven’t done in the past 4 – 5 years… 🙁

    I do believe the gems are worth holding out for though. Once in a while we get treated to some awesome stuff like Answer Me 1997, Evasive Inquiry Agency, Alone in Love, Comrades… when the blue moon doth shine…

    • Reply
      3 June, 2013 at 12:41 PM

      yeahh all my recent favorites seem to hail from cable. TEN, God’s Quiz, Answer me 1997 etc. I tend to like Korean crime/mystery/suspense movies so I’m glad they are churning out more of that genre in dramas too. I’m glad Korean films are still going strong.

      mmm any good Japanese drama these days? I was super into jdoramas a while ago but ran out of stuff to watch. Hard to find something that can surpass Strawberry Night. lolol.

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