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Multi-tasking in various languages

Beautiful Sunday morning.

I’ve been dreaming about weird things for the past few days. My mum says its because I’ve been watching too many dramas/anime these days but I highly doubt so. The genre is different. One of the weirdest part is that there is a new rule that we can only use 200yen coins (no such thing in real life) to take buses and I realised that I only have 2 left. Upon hearing that, someone who didn’t have any left grabbed me and demanded me to hand over the coins. And I pointed out at a random person and say “she has 4!”, so the person went to harass the other person instead. HAHA.

Okay. Forget about my weird dreams.

I’m reading インビジブルレイン (Invisible Rain), checking the words with the Naver Kor-Jap dictionary, occasionally checking Twitter (with majority English tweets) and listening to EXO-M (in Chinese).

Cheap thrill but I find this pretty cool. Multi-tasking and each in a different language.

and yes!

I’m listening to EXO.

I blame this performance.


Especially Kai! hahaha he’s the only member I can recognise, provided he doesn’t change his hairstyle. lol.

But I actually like Exo-M a lot more, the songs at least.

Well, it’s the same songs they are singing, but I just prefer the Chinese version. Maybe cos I seldom hear such awesomeness in Chinese while SM always have this distinct sound in Korean for all their groups lol.

It’s funny cos I’m listening to this playlist and at first I was totally bewildered on why I’m hearing both versions at the same time. Turns out it’s EXO M on the left and EXO K on the right. So I chose the left (:

These days I’ve been having pretty much frivolous conversations with people, especially with my mum.

We are both in love with Heirs and obviously we are in different camps, although she’s beginning to see the charms of Kim Woo Bin HAHA. I’ve been showing her all the woobin videos.

Right. and I should mention that I’m in Team Chilbongie (:

I realize that a lot of my biases are models-actors and I seem to be slowly liking almost the whole gang one-by-one. You know, that gang where everyone seems to be good friends with each other in real life. That’s a bunch of real good-looking people. Them hanging out together with be so.. 眩しい

Sunday calls for a frivolous blog post (:


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    25 November, 2013 at 4:17 AM

    I’m not much of a commenter. I’m more of a passer-by but I just had to comment.
    I woke up to my Sunday morning with a big decisions: study or watch MAMA… MAMA obviously won! Watching EXO, Big Bang, Rain made my day. I’ve come to realize the true meaning of a fangirl now. <3 Everyone that performed did will but their performances were on POINT! Ahh my Sunday is complete.

    • Reply
      26 November, 2013 at 7:13 PM

      totally know how you felt! Love the performances <3

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